A Little Shop Time

DSCF1494 DSCF1496

This week I went through my shop and got rid of a lot of trash. I didn’t realize I had so much junk in my shop. The first order of day1 was to create a path to my so called electronics work bench. Once I could actually get to the bench I started cleaning out book shelves. The bench is flanked by two book shelves on either side.  I am a musician and I must have had a stack of binders and manuscripts 15″ high, mostly composed of original material from many years of writing. I used to be prolific, now I’m lucky to finish 2 songs a year… Priorities… Next I organized my book shelves. A lot of subjects Trains, Planes, Automobiles, Engineering civil and structural, Electronics Ships and Schooners… the list goes on. All of the music stuff went to my Recording Studio. Once I finally arrived at the work station I had to untangle a mass of wires from various sources. Most of them were speaker wires from my shop stereo. I purchased it in Germany when I was over there during OEF/OIF and it has 5.1 surround. It is a great sounding shop tool. I cheerfully decided where I was going to place my speakers and hung them throughout the shop… long story short… got the workbench in operational readiness. And the shop is much easier to maneuver in.

Keep On Pluggin