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After four long agonizing days of trial and error… er mostly error, I have accomplished full circuation of the cooling system. My friend Green came over while I was working on this problem and we solved it together. Percolatin’ I started this post last weekend let me get you caught up. On Monday I put the battery boxes back in the vehicle for hopefully the last time. I then filled them with batteries. Once that was done I carefully connnected the batteries to one another. I removed the DC/DC converter from EV1E and built a shelf for it and mounted it carefully running the wires and making sure everything was neat and tidy. At last the time came to test the low voltage system. I connected the last battery strap connector and heard the thing come to life, however it was not a sound I had ever heard was expecting. It was a click, click, click…etc. It sounded like a relay had gone bananas but it turned out to be coming from the DC converter. After careful examination I discovered that this converter was calibrated to be used on a vehicle with a Pack from 132-168V. I called elcon and they wanted to put me off until Monday so I called Matthew Hauber at EV West and he put one in the mail that day (yesterday). So I am in limbo with operations checking until I recieve it…probably Mon they are in CA like me. So while I’m waiting I hooked up the throttle last night and today I am hooking up the brake transducer and running the last of the wires which need to go up front into the console. I am installing a junction box in the console so that I have easy access to some of the controller wiring, this will also keep it out of the weather.  I still have to figure out an emergency shut off switch. So close yet so far away…

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I Heard it through the Bluetooth

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Last night after setting up and testing my Blaupunkt on the bench, I decided to install it. As you can see I did just that. After installing it I tested it by shaking wires and simulating bumps in the road and discovered a bad power connection. On this particular model there is a 12V constant and one that is controlled by the ignition switch. I hooked up the one which is controlled by the ignition switch  so it is sharing with the stock voltmeter mounted in the console. The meter wasnt fluctuating so I went back to my solder connection and sure enough that is were I found the fault. Easy fix and nothing complicated. I tested the bluetooth by pairing with my ipod and a cell phone. It has a very difficult time being able to stream when two devices are competing, it will only latch onto one of them. That however is minor as, one can use one of the two usb ports for say an iPod and stream their other device… say a phone for acclomplishing these task. This radio is so good and so much more then a radio. It can load and save a phonebook. It can be used for hands free dial up, it can stream audio, play disk, mp3, it has two USB ports… AND it looks and sounds really cool.

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