Ghost Busters!

I can hardly believe this but it happened. I have been corresponding with a gentleman who was on the board of regents for the The Hydrogen Highway project. He is now part of a renewable energy board and on the board of directors for a water company. I do know the names of all of these entities, I am leaving them out on purpose much the way I did when I was punished for plugging in my electric car in Merced County while I was working for California Forensic Medical Group, but to a completely different end. The water company soon to be a power company is embarking on a project to create a renewable community. They have asked me to to take charge of the electric car and renewable transportation side of the project with an emphasis on electric car conversions. Already I have been asked to spec out and write proposals for the following:
1969 Porsche 911, Austin Healey Bug eye, and a Ford Lightening (pickup). I have also been told that the company owns an abandoned firehouse which we can use for a conversion shop.

On a completely different note I replaced a ground wire with a much more suitable one and repaired and hooked up the license plate lights.

Keep On Pluggin

Extra Extra Read All About It! Otto Is Officially a Cross Dresser!

Thats right the headlines are correct (not that there is anything wrong with that) Otto is now sporting an operational “Clutch“.  Get it?…Clutch… like “Purse“… Oh well… after I submitted the last…er… previous post I got two little pieces of hardware in the mail from Auto Atlanta and they were the only things standing between Otto and me being able to hook up Otto’s clutch. OK so maybe I’m vying for a position with The National Inquirer, at least I won’t sell my talents to  (“Fox so called news”…mjb), I would rather read accounting text books then write for Fox (“so called news”) However I am torn because I have for many years enjoyed THE SIMPSONS, I would if given the opportunity, write for that show. No I am going to be a part of a movement to better the word of reporters and better the world of having to depend on Dirty, Industrialist, Fossils.

Keep On Pluggin

Custom Body Work

Here is the latest pics of the front end. Fidel came over to my house and we drank beer and did body work… We were both amazed at the way the front bumper is fitting so well.

Jack at EVTV emailed me and told me they were sending the motor “straight away” but the controller has to go to HPEVS for the reprogramming. This wont be a problem as I have plenty to do once the motor is installed. Another setback is the adapter got delayed due to a funeral… been there done that I completely understand. I wont need it until I get the motor anyway which I anticipate will be this week.  Until then, this is Mark signing off… Keep On Pluggin

It’s Pearl Harbor day

If you have never been to The Arizona Memorial I would highly recommend you make the trek, it is a real eye opener that makes one ask the question…why? What purpose to attack Pearl Harbor besides stirring up a “Hornet” nest (pun intended) But that was then… there is still oil leaking out of the hull of the Arizona into the clear waters of Pearl Harbor. So before I get to my Porsche project I just wish to offer my condolences to all of the families who have suffered the pangs of WAR and thank those who bravely fought and lived and to those who fought and died I salute you all.

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. This is the first post of the Porsche Blog and I think some background is in order. My name is Mark Bush and I am a nurse who is also very interested in electric transportation. I have built one electric car already and know the ins and outs of making these cars work. They work very well and they are a clean, inexpensive to operate, viable mode of transportation.

This 1973 Porsche 914 was purchased in 2009 along with 3 others of different years. I was really getting fed up with my inability to make the doors on my Bradley function properly and decided to change bodies on the chassis. While looking for a better solution (I eventually took the Bradley to Cars Etc because they know what they are doing)  I started looking at the 914 and asked my friend Greg Hawkins of Bugformance if he could keep his eyes open for one which I could buy at a reasonable price. He said he would.  I was at work when the call came that very afternoon. Greg told me he not only found one but  four 914’s to choose from. They were in a shop in Stockton for the last nine years. I asked him how much the guy wanted for one of them. Greg said;  “Uh that’s the only catch, you have to buy all four!” Like I said, I had been looking for one and the cheapest one I had found online was eighteen hundred dollars …”How much?” I inquired. “Twenty five hundred” he responded. I quickly thought I am not going to spend ten thousand dollars on broken 914’s. “for all four” he added. This new news was a game changer. Any way I wound up purchasing all four of them for twenty five hundred dollars and now I find myself converting one of them, the least rusty, and using the other three to barter with and have spare parts. Not a bad deal.