Controlling the Issue

This week has been a very productive week. Yesterday Travis from Novus glass came over and installed the back window. He also checked out the windshield and will be coming back on Monday to properly install the trim and make sure the windshield is securely sealed. Today started out slow. While I was watching TSLA on google this morning, it occurred to me that things are going to start happening fast and furiously on this car when I start getting parts. I decided to go to Cars Etc to get an estimate on the upholstery for the console ($100.00) I checked my email and there was a notice from Auto Atlanta that my parts have finally shipped. There is still one pending (the carpet set) but they are sending the rest. Now I can get my new blower motor assy installed. When I got to  Turlock Rigo brought a box to the door from HPEVS. It was the controller and chill plate. I called EVTV and Shannon told me they are shipping everything else today (which they did) except I still can’t get the tracking number to work. I am still waiting for the adapter. I am told the plate is finished but there is still work to do on the hub. I am very confident that Steve, Sebastian, and the gang over at Rebirth Auto will get it to me as soon as it is manufactured, tested and works. In the meantime I am having a ball with fitment. I believe I have figured out a way to install (and close the hood) 12 180Ah SE cells in the space where the gas tank was… thats 1/3 of the cells required. The rest are going in the engine bay.                                                                                                                                    Keep On Pluggin