Blue Planet Electric Vehicle Drive

image-9-13-16-at-9-02-amOn Saturday Sept 10 2016 Martine and I participated in the Blue Planet Electric Vehicle Drive from Kailua to downtown Honolulu where we met up with more EV’s to form an amazingly long parade two abreast four blocks long. As a group we drove all the way out to KCC near Diamond head. It was awesome.
There was a short ceremony where we learned that the governor of Hawaii declared Sept 10 Electric Vehicle day.  After the announcements a luncheon was provided by Whole Foods.

There were many Leafs and Teslas but interestingly I had the only 1973 Porsche 914 Electric… In fact I had the only conversion vehicle in the drive. My car did summon a lot of curiosity and interest. Some people thought I had found one of the Blue Planet window flags and was infiltrating the parade. Once we parked and I opened up my vehicle for all to see, that rumor was abandoned. I answered many questions I hadn’t heard in a few years. Questions like: “What kind of batteries are those?” ( 37, SE 180 Ahr LiFePo4 cells), “How long did it take you to do?” (About two years, keep in mind this is a prototype so I had to design and manufacture or have manufactured all of the brackets, battery boxes, motor mount, etc. I made CAD drawings of every component I designed so that the next one could be done for much less time and money) , “How much does it cost to do one?” (about $17,000 batteries included, you have to find your own vehicle and be willing to do it yourself.)
We met many EV enthusiast and Martine said she had fun. I came away with a profound feeling that our (the early adaptors) efforts are paying off. I realize the movement is in its infancy but If Hawaii is any kind of sample, we are off to a very good start.