Did I Say Engineering?

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Wow! That is what I have to say about the last two weeks events. First the front battery box was too short by 1/4″. Here is the lesson. Never go by the specs. Always measure. I even added 1/4″ for play when I designed the box. each battery was between 1/32″ and 1/16″ off so that by the time I added 11 batteries I was 1/2 inch off in my calculation. Since I designed it to be 1/4″ longer I was only off by 1/4″. The box is being made as I write this and should be done this next week. In the meantime I have done the following. Secured and anchored the mid eng battery boxes, connected the driveline, connected the shift linkage (final) connected the cooling system to the chill plate and bolted the controller and chill plate assembly onto the motor bracket, procured and bolted on the rear deck lid latch, bolted on the engine cover, and funnel downspouts for drainage. On Friday Solar City installed my 4.5KW solar system.  I am just about to the the point where I am only hooking up wires and testing. This is the point where one gets anxious to finish and the possibility of short cuts starts to take place. From my experience with EV1E I have decided to NOT let that happen. This car needs to be done right all the way through. This car is going to be a representation of what one can do in their own garage with just a few tools and a passion for making the world better. It must be right for people to embrace the idea.So here are a few pics, enjoy


Keep On Pluggin

The Walk Around Movie

I decided to do a promotional video for Keep On Pluggin and the walk around for the Porsche. I didn’t want it to be your average guy walking around a car and expaining what he was doing on the car. This is the first of a series of films (videos) I will be undertaking to show the progress of this build. I do hope you enjoy it… If you do please leave a comment thank you

The Walk Around Movie

Keep On Pluggin

Door Panel (My Side)

OK I just changed a few things on the home page which I hope will allow easier access. This little 914 is starting to resemble a little sports car.

I’ve installed the drivers side door panel and hardware. I also worked on installing the rear deck lid hinges. I found a good way to do it but I only had enough strength to do one side. Alas I will have to recruit some help to do the other side. I also discovered that the front has been pushed in and needs to be pushed back out. I have a plan in the works for that. I will share when I go there. Here are the latest photos…

Sailing Sailing

Hi all, I have been busy today working on Otto. I started by replacing the nylon tube which houses the hood cable. Last week I tried to adjust the hood latch and managed to accomplish two things. One, I broke the nylon housing and two, I somehow threw my back out of alignment which cost me two lost days of work and an unplanned trip to my Chiropracter. That was enough fun for awhile. My doctor put me on his traction machine and did some manipulation and bingo, my back felt great. His instructions were go home and put an ice pack on it for 20 min. “No more no less.” After 20 min I was in so much pain  from the muscles being stretched and contracted. Today my spine is fine. The first pics are of the door panel “her side”, gotta have priorities. I did that early last week. Today I covered the sail panel with new vinyl. The photo with the socket on top is to show you what can be used for a roller. You see, if one happens to spray glue and suddenly realize the roller he has is not where he thought it was, one could get pretty anxious while the glue clock is ticking. I found this big socket and used it.  When the project was through I found two rollers. I ordered and received a new clutch cable, as you can see this one is mangled. Earlier I attempted to aligned the hood latch again. The hood sits just right but the headlights need to come up some. The last photo is the top sitting in the rear compartment. These cars have a stock bracket which accommodates top storage.


Let There Be Lights

Since the post I have installed the headlights, headlight motors, passenger side door handle, tail  lights, both outside door seals, windshield wipers and ran the wiring harness to these elements. EVERYTHING WORKS!! I will be posting more pics in the near future I have been taking them as I go. In the meantime the project is pressing forward.

Keep On Pluggin

Many Rivers to Cross

I have so much to say… I’ll start with January. Although January was cold, I was able to get some rebuilding done. I’ve researched places for Porsche parts and assembly instructions. The first thing I did was find door handles and the seals for all of the doors. Buyer beware there are some people out there who will ask a higher then normal price and  you will recieve a less then OEM knock off which does not fit properly. Inspite of all of that I was able to assemble the doors and window mechanism on each door so that they open and close properly and the windows function smoothly. There are quite a few adjustments on just the window which make all the difference between a tight fit and a sloppy fit. I got my tail lights back from Cars Etc, in Turlock CA and they look brand new.Next I will be putting on the vinyl sail cover. I need warmer weather for that though.

I removed the rear gasket from unde the rear window and the back glass came very loose.  Part of the “Sail Project” will be to install the rear window properly. More Later

Keep On Pluggin, Mark