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After four long agonizing days of trial and error… er mostly error, I have accomplished full circuation of the cooling system. My friend Green came over while I was working on this problem and we solved it together. Percolatin’ I started this post last weekend let me get you caught up. On Monday I put the battery boxes back in the vehicle for hopefully the last time. I then filled them with batteries. Once that was done I carefully connnected the batteries to one another. I removed the DC/DC converter from EV1E and built a shelf for it and mounted it carefully running the wires and making sure everything was neat and tidy. At last the time came to test the low voltage system. I connected the last battery strap connector and heard the thing come to life, however it was not a sound I had ever heard was expecting. It was a click, click, click…etc. It sounded like a relay had gone bananas but it turned out to be coming from the DC converter. After careful examination I discovered that this converter was calibrated to be used on a vehicle with a Pack from 132-168V. I called elcon and they wanted to put me off until Monday so I called Matthew Hauber at EV West and he put one in the mail that day (yesterday). So I am in limbo with operations checking until I recieve it…probably Mon they are in CA like me. So while I’m waiting I hooked up the throttle last night and today I am hooking up the brake transducer and running the last of the wires which need to go up front into the console. I am installing a junction box in the console so that I have easy access to some of the controller wiring, this will also keep it out of the weather.  I still have to figure out an emergency shut off switch. So close yet so far away…

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Did I Say Engineering?

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Wow! That is what I have to say about the last two weeks events. First the front battery box was too short by 1/4″. Here is the lesson. Never go by the specs. Always measure. I even added 1/4″ for play when I designed the box. each battery was between 1/32″ and 1/16″ off so that by the time I added 11 batteries I was 1/2 inch off in my calculation. Since I designed it to be 1/4″ longer I was only off by 1/4″. The box is being made as I write this and should be done this next week. In the meantime I have done the following. Secured and anchored the mid eng battery boxes, connected the driveline, connected the shift linkage (final) connected the cooling system to the chill plate and bolted the controller and chill plate assembly onto the motor bracket, procured and bolted on the rear deck lid latch, bolted on the engine cover, and funnel downspouts for drainage. On Friday Solar City installed my 4.5KW solar system.  I am just about to the the point where I am only hooking up wires and testing. This is the point where one gets anxious to finish and the possibility of short cuts starts to take place. From my experience with EV1E I have decided to NOT let that happen. This car needs to be done right all the way through. This car is going to be a representation of what one can do in their own garage with just a few tools and a passion for making the world better. It must be right for people to embrace the idea.So here are a few pics, enjoy


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Happy Kringle!

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This is my last entry until 2014. I am diligently working on the battery box bracketing system as I have discovered that the boxes need more support from underneath. This will require more engineering and fabricating. I have a plan of action which I am implementing. The battery boxes fit quite well as you can see frome the photos, however I think with the added weight of the batteries I may have some issues if I leave it like it is. So in the name of safety and common sense I am to adding a little more weight in the engine compartment. This engineering, fabricating, fitting, re-engineering, fabricating, re-fitting has been taking up the majority of my precious time which I have allotted to finish this project. I hope to show my car at EVCCON this year. Maybe I’ll see you there…

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Two Little Notches


My record of not touching the original car had to be compromised today. I had to cut two little notches in the engine gasket rail to accommodate the rear battery boxes. For the last two days my friend Greg and I have been engineering and fabricating a cross bar which will support the lions share of the weight of the batteries in the rear battery boxes. The battery boxes in the mid engine compartment will weigh 135 lbs each. We used a 2.5″X 2.5″ Angle Iron and shaped it to span accross the motor mount and out to either side of the lateral engine mount cross member. The Battery cross bar is attached to either side with bolts and nuts to a flat plate which fits in the slot where the lateral engine mount cross member is bolted to the body. This afforded us a place to attach the battery crossmember without having to drill any holes in the car. The Boxes fit very well and are angled like a V configured motor… this one will be a V-24 as there are 24 batteries in the mid engine compartment. Very Shiek.

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The Walk Around Movie

I decided to do a promotional video for Keep On Pluggin and the walk around for the Porsche. I didn’t want it to be your average guy walking around a car and expaining what he was doing on the car. This is the first of a series of films (videos) I will be undertaking to show the progress of this build. I do hope you enjoy it… If you do please leave a comment thank you

The Walk Around Movie

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Friends and Battery Boxes

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My good friend Patrick called me today while I was working on the car. Patrick and I have known each other since high school… we were both music and theatre geeks. Patrick and I live two states away from each other. Normally I would have stopped what I was doing but it somehow felt right to use speaker phone and continue working. It was like having a friend in the shop with me. We’d talk and I would explain what I was doing and he would cheer me on. At one point I made the statement that perhaps I talk way too much about my project and the passion I have for electric transportation. He said “I find it fascinating, although I don’t always understand the technical aspects of what your doing, it is still interesting.” At one point in the conversation my battery on my phone was low and I had to plug it in at the bench. This gave me a short cord and kind of grounded me in one spot. We continued the conversation to its conclusion and I hung up my phone. I went back to work and thought what a wonderful friend have I. The phone rang again and it was West Steel and Plastics. My front battery Box is ready and could I bring a battery cell for measurement. “Of course, I’ll be right down” Wow! Just in time I thought to myself for I had just finished routing the cables from the front to the back of the car using the air injection routing. I got the box home and tried it. I planned that one as if it was a Porsche part. Wow did it fit! So now it is just a matter of two more parts and this baby is going together!

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The Boxes Are Here….

Well one them anyway, the other two are being manufactured. Today I went to West Steel and picked up my battery boxes. Then I rushed home to see how the batteries fit in them. Much to my surprise one of them accommodated all 12 batteries and the other was 1/16 of an in too short. It was my fault for not allowing any clearence. Lesson learned! I brought the short one back and they are going to make me a new one at no additional charge. This is the true measure of great customer sevice. I am sending out a tip of the ol hat to Manuel Yanez and all of the guys and gals at West Steel and Plastics. The craftsmanship is superb and you can’t ask for better customer sevice Thanks Guys!

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So now I just need to design the cradle and mount them in the vehicle it looks like I am getting close to that place where I may need to drill a hole into the original car … I will do all I can to avoid that though. Maybe between the cradle and some tabs welded on to the boxes I wont have to. Just thinking out loud…

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