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Ok, First I must say much has happened since my last post. Second I must also say I have been posting on Facebook but, to all you loyal fans of this site I both apologize and will now explain what happened.

The project is moving along fine. After waiting for two weeks for my powder coated front brake calipers I finally received a box. No calipers, just a box with big tear in the side. I was away from home at the imd and my 84 year old mother accepted the package. She was elated because it was so light. When I got home I discovered that she had accepted an empty box. I put in a claim and eventually got reimbursed for my purchase. So at that point I was at the same point I had started with two weeks prior.  This was not going well. While I was waiting I decided to get the motor to spin. I finally wound up ordering a used caliper from a wrecking yard and rebuilding the front brake system myself.  Greg came over and while he was finishing up on the battery rack bracing system, I installed the brakes. Once they were installed we pressurized the system, checked for leaks and bled the system. Then I was time for the first test drive. If you clicked and saw already then you know what hat was all about. If not go to the top of this post and see what you missed! After the test we put Otto on the trailer and brought him home.

IMG_0520 IMG_0521


The next step is to get those batteries charged fully so that we can do some preliminary road test. I ordered a battery charger and programmer from EVTV this week and I am supposed to receive it on Tue. Greg is coming down on Wed and we are supposed to show the car at a renewable energy show on Friday June 6th. This is so worth doing and I highly recommend to anyone. Go out to your garage or parking pad, sweep off a spot big enough for whatever your favorite car is, do your research, find a car with a blown engine, convert it and be part of the building of the future. Where clean renewable energy becomes the norm and fossil fuels and all of the greed, war, corruption and filth behind it becomes… perhaps a thing you’ll read about in a history text book.

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