Got Battery Box Back


Thanks to Manuel and all the good folks down at West Steel and Plastics I got my beautiful battery box back today. It fits perfectly and as you can see… holds all 12 SE 180Ah batteries.¬†Yesterday and today have been the most frustrating since I’ve started this project. To start I changed some hoses on my cooling system because I needed to clean it up. That being done I decided to test it, good thing too. It is not functioning, by that I mean the pump turns but no fluid is circulating. After agonizing over it and trying different configurations I have decided to shorten the whole system. I am mounting the cooler fan under the plate where the muffler used to be. that will shorten the system by about 10 feet. It will also put the cooler right in the slip stream under the car. Next I will be mounting the pump higher and just below the vent on the right hand side. This will put the pump where it doesnt have to pump uphill. It will also provide easier access to the pump. This must be done before I put the rest of the car together because, without cooling there is no car… not one I want to drive anyway.

Keep On Pluggin

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