Got Battery Box Back


Thanks to Manuel and all the good folks down at West Steel and Plastics I got my beautiful battery box back today. It fits perfectly and as you can see… holds all 12 SE 180Ah batteries. Yesterday and today have been the most frustrating since I’ve started this project. To start I changed some hoses on my cooling system because I needed to clean it up. That being done I decided to test it, good thing too. It is not functioning, by that I mean the pump turns but no fluid is circulating. After agonizing over it and trying different configurations I have decided to shorten the whole system. I am mounting the cooler fan under the plate where the muffler used to be. that will shorten the system by about 10 feet. It will also put the cooler right in the slip stream under the car. Next I will be mounting the pump higher and just below the vent on the right hand side. This will put the pump where it doesnt have to pump uphill. It will also provide easier access to the pump. This must be done before I put the rest of the car together because, without cooling there is no car… not one I want to drive anyway.

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Wiring and Instruments

Pardon the pun but we down to the WIREing on this project. I have put in many more then 32hrs since my last post but as ideas keep popping up I keep going with them. The lastest idea was to get into the center section relay board and rewire it so that I can use Porsche relays for my additional relays I may install. there are at least two. I have room for four on that panel. I have also researched the idea of a temp gauge (analogue) sending unit. I have consulted with Jack Rickard of EVTV on this idea and he suggested using a water sending unit from the OEM industry tapping into my chill plate and wiring it to the gauge. This will also be what tells my fan to come on so that it doesn’t run all the time . As you can tell I have been busy. It started with removing the batteries, battery boxes and brackets from the car so that I could more easily have access to the motor and controller etc. Once I got the boxes out I realized they are only resting in one spot on the frame, for the most part they are suspended within the brackets I designed. This revalation allowed me to lose the steel bar across the top of motor mount. About 20 or 30lbs worth. I also discover that by removing 12 fasteners I can remove my entire center battery boxes. Next I made the cables for the motor to controller and bolted those in. Then came the bracket for the contactor. as you can see it looks very much like a coil. I then had to figure out how to mount the small gauge that was supplied with the controller and where to put the switch for programming. For this I used an old gauge and routed out the back so that I could slip it over the little gauge and into the center console. Thats when I got the idea for the temp gauge working as well. One thing leads to another… so it goes. So now the wires coming off of the controller are each finding a place to go to.  I also discovered that my soldering gun is due for replacement. So with all of that in mind here are the latest pics.

IMG_0300 IMG_0304 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0313

Did I Say Engineering?

IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0238 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0250

Wow! That is what I have to say about the last two weeks events. First the front battery box was too short by 1/4″. Here is the lesson. Never go by the specs. Always measure. I even added 1/4″ for play when I designed the box. each battery was between 1/32″ and 1/16″ off so that by the time I added 11 batteries I was 1/2 inch off in my calculation. Since I designed it to be 1/4″ longer I was only off by 1/4″. The box is being made as I write this and should be done this next week. In the meantime I have done the following. Secured and anchored the mid eng battery boxes, connected the driveline, connected the shift linkage (final) connected the cooling system to the chill plate and bolted the controller and chill plate assembly onto the motor bracket, procured and bolted on the rear deck lid latch, bolted on the engine cover, and funnel downspouts for drainage. On Friday Solar City installed my 4.5KW solar system.  I am just about to the the point where I am only hooking up wires and testing. This is the point where one gets anxious to finish and the possibility of short cuts starts to take place. From my experience with EV1E I have decided to NOT let that happen. This car needs to be done right all the way through. This car is going to be a representation of what one can do in their own garage with just a few tools and a passion for making the world better. It must be right for people to embrace the idea.So here are a few pics, enjoy


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