Engingeering Design Class

Good morning! Today’s lesson is how to make a structure dynamically sound and “Lookin’ Good!” The battery box mounts have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts in that they were flimsy with just the hinges holding them in place. The hinges were only the start. I then decided to design some brackets and have them fabricated by my friends at West Steel and Plastics. When I got the brackets back it was time to call in my friend Greg Hawkins so that we could properly mount the mid vehicle batt boxes and start in the the front one as well. I decided that even though the rear was being supported the boxes still needed to be anchored down so the the front to rear movement was arrested and there is no chance for the boxes to slip out of the brackets during deceleration. Using the building concept less is more I decided to use an aluminum L bracket across the front of the boxes. This addition meant I needed to drill two holes in the car and two in each batt box and four in the L bracket. Now the whole thing is modular and can be disassyembled like an erector set. It also added to the dynamic load strength of the mid batt boxes. Note no more sagging.

IMG_0126 IMG_0125 IMG_0124 IMG_0123 IMG_0122