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I was trying to come up with a method of connecting the front battery box with the rear ones using the existing structure somehow. It occured to me that the air injection ran from the front to the back of the vehicle through the chassis below the drivers side door. Now how do I use this system? A new challenge, It became very clear, very quickly that the 1/0 welding cables I am using to connect the front pack with the rear packs is bigger then the air injection tubing. Not knowing what the inside of the chassis looked like I threaded a long piece of bailing wire through the tubes and pulled a nylon cord through. then I carefully pulled out the tubing, leaving the cord intact. There were rubber gromets at the opening in the left front fender well which I carefully removed. Not careful enough to keep from ruining them however. It was at this point I realized I was not going to be able to do this by myself, so I recruited my brother in law Tom to assist me. This is the point were the story starts getting somewhat comical. You see all we had to do was tie the cord onto the cable and pull it through the chassis right? In a perfect world that would have been the case, however we are talking about a project and as we all know a project is nothing more then a generic name for a long series of projects. This was no exception. we could not get the thing to thread past one foot before it came against an obstacle. We tried everything we could think of and finally out of desperation I decided to take the lower rocker panel off of the car. I had been avoiding this because the rocker panels are riveted at the factory and I have been trying to avoid any major changes to the body. Remember I still have not drilled one hole in this car.  I did manage to take out all 5 screws and pull the rocker panel out enough to see what I was up against. (see photo) there were three more bulkheads each with there own set of rubber grommets. All of that business with the nylon cord turned out to be an exercise in project creation. I got out the WD40 and started lubing rubber grommets. after that with the help of Tom we were able to feed the cables through using the existing structure and as you can see I have the perfect out of the weather route for connecting the front to the rear. Tomorrow I am told I will be picking up my Battery boxes… Oh yes and in case you were wondering… I did not have to completely remove the rocker panel so the factory rivets are still intact.

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