The Boxes Are Here….

Well one them anyway, the other two are being manufactured. Today I went to West Steel and picked up my battery boxes. Then I rushed home to see how the batteries fit in them. Much to my surprise one of them accommodated all 12 batteries and the other was 1/16 of an in too short. It was my fault for not allowing any clearence. Lesson learned! I brought the short one back and they are going to make me a new one at no additional charge. This is the true measure of great customer sevice. I am sending out a tip of the ol hat to Manuel Yanez and all of the guys and gals at West Steel and Plastics. The craftsmanship is superb and you can’t ask for better customer sevice Thanks Guys!

IMG939 IMG940 IMG941 IMG942 IMG943 IMG944

So now I just need to design the cradle and mount them in the vehicle it looks like I am getting close to that place where I may need to drill a hole into the original car … I will do all I can to avoid that though. Maybe between the cradle and some tabs welded on to the boxes I wont have to. Just thinking out loud…

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More Re-Purposing

DSCF1634 DSCF1635IMG936 IMG937 IMG938


I was trying to come up with a method of connecting the front battery box with the rear ones using the existing structure somehow. It occured to me that the air injection ran from the front to the back of the vehicle through the chassis below the drivers side door. Now how do I use this system? A new challenge, It became very clear, very quickly that the 1/0 welding cables I am using to connect the front pack with the rear packs is bigger then the air injection tubing. Not knowing what the inside of the chassis looked like I threaded a long piece of bailing wire through the tubes and pulled a nylon cord through. then I carefully pulled out the tubing, leaving the cord intact. There were rubber gromets at the opening in the left front fender well which I carefully removed. Not careful enough to keep from ruining them however. It was at this point I realized I was not going to be able to do this by myself, so I recruited my brother in law Tom to assist me. This is the point were the story starts getting somewhat comical. You see all we had to do was tie the cord onto the cable and pull it through the chassis right? In a perfect world that would have been the case, however we are talking about a project and as we all know a project is nothing more then a generic name for a long series of projects. This was no exception. we could not get the thing to thread past one foot before it came against an obstacle. We tried everything we could think of and finally out of desperation I decided to take the lower rocker panel off of the car. I had been avoiding this because the rocker panels are riveted at the factory and I have been trying to avoid any major changes to the body. Remember I still have not drilled one hole in this car.  I did manage to take out all 5 screws and pull the rocker panel out enough to see what I was up against. (see photo) there were three more bulkheads each with there own set of rubber grommets. All of that business with the nylon cord turned out to be an exercise in project creation. I got out the WD40 and started lubing rubber grommets. after that with the help of Tom we were able to feed the cables through using the existing structure and as you can see I have the perfect out of the weather route for connecting the front to the rear. Tomorrow I am told I will be picking up my Battery boxes… Oh yes and in case you were wondering… I did not have to completely remove the rocker panel so the factory rivets are still intact.

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High Voltage and Beer!

Today I configured on paper the 3 High Voltage Battery Packs connections to one another as well as within each box. This one looks good to me because the most positive and most negative terminals are on either side of the motor and controller. This means less cable will have to be used and therefore less current loss.  Take a look for yourself… let me know what you think… I’m going to go have a beer.


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The Motor Mount Fit!

Yesterday I picked up my motor mount from West Steel and Plastics. Let me start over… Yesterday was a great day… It all started by having a much needed hour long conversation with a dear friend. Then I went to yoga class in EV1E, on my way I was asked by a young man if I could build him a car like EV1E and if I offered a miltary discount… why yes I can young man… or I could convert any car you would like me to, any way yoga was great. Another dear friend whom I had not seen in over a year was in class. We talked a bit then I decided to stop by West Steel and Plastics to see Manuel and how my motor mount was coming along. When I arrived Manuel reached under the counter put the mount on the counter and said “I guess you got my message” I told him I didn’t and didn’t even have my cell phone with me. Long story shor… uh shorter, I got the bracket took it home primed it, painted it, installed it in the car.

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DCIM0013 DCIM0014 DCIM0018

Oh My!

I have been busy! I am not sure if I posted that I have been learning CAD (Computer Aided Design) I have a program called Via Cad and It is OK for this application…. there are a few features I would like to see which are missing but since I bought it from Amazon and was able to register it I have NO complaints ( I bought it for $32.00, granted it is an older version). As you can see I have posted some of my “undergraduate” work… but it was enough to be able to send to the frabricator and have parts made. Whether they fit for not will be another challenge but for now I am assuming they will.   Here they are…

Motormnt914-1corrected isoBBproper


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Extra Extra Read All About It! Otto Is Officially a Cross Dresser!

Thats right the headlines are correct (not that there is anything wrong with that) Otto is now sporting an operational “Clutch“.  Get it?…Clutch… like “Purse“… Oh well… after I submitted the last…er… previous post I got two little pieces of hardware in the mail from Auto Atlanta and they were the only things standing between Otto and me being able to hook up Otto’s clutch. OK so maybe I’m vying for a position with The National Inquirer, at least I won’t sell my talents to  (“Fox so called news”…mjb), I would rather read accounting text books then write for Fox (“so called news”) However I am torn because I have for many years enjoyed THE SIMPSONS, I would if given the opportunity, write for that show. No I am going to be a part of a movement to better the word of reporters and better the world of having to depend on Dirty, Industrialist, Fossils.

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No Holes Barred


So far I have not drilled any holes in this car… I know that can’t go on forever but I am trying to preserve as much of the previous car as possible and still have modern vehicle which does not burn gas and can be charged at home for free with solar panels. I did get my billeted aluminum J1772 connector from EVTV I will post a picture of it. I need to figure out a spiffy place to mount it. I also recieved my EVnetics three wire throttle position sensor a fine piece of work.

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The Ideas Just keep on Coming

Hi All, Yesterday and today were quite educational. I started out yesterday by setting my batteries on a piece of cardboard and tracing the outline and cutting out the shape I drew. I then used this cardboard as a template for my battery configuration. I am going to do something which to my knowlege, No one in the EV community has attempted. I just had to see if it would work though. If it does, and so far it looks pretty promising, I will have the only V24 electric car in the history of electric cars. That was yesterday… Today I learned CAD basics. Enough to present a drawing which one could fabricate from. I spent hours in front my computer trying to figure out the 3D stuff in ViaCad. I have a stiff neck and I must get some sleep… It is WHOA! 0300 I have been at this way too long… at least I finished my drawings, and my models don’t look so bad either…

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Inspite of Myself or Re-purposing an octapus or It Works!


Today Started out with the idea in mind to continue working on the cooling system. I was mearly going to find the pin on the relay board which turns on and off with the ignition key and somehow use it to turn on and off the cooling system with the ignition switch. Then I saw the hookup I did yesterday and realized that the hose might get in the way of the battery racks and I did not like it. Then as I was trying think of a different configuration I suddenly saw the old fuel pump on the bench…hmmm more re-purposing? YES! I swapped out the two pumps with each other and immediately saw and felt the difference, this pump was made for this car. It is quiet and pushes about 35# pressure. I was still faced with the problem that the fuel pump was part of a fuel injection system and was origianally activated by a signal coming from the pressure regulator to the fuel pump relay. I didn’t need any of that stuff. All I needed was 12 volt signal to the fuel pump relay which was activated by the ignition switch. So I started troubleshooting with a multimeter. For those of you who may be new to troubleshooting, it is basically a process of elimination. In my case I had a 14 pin connector, a multimeter, and an ignition switch. The objective was to…

a) Measure all 14 pins with an ohmmeter Locate all the ground terminals

b) Measure all 14 pins with a voltmeter with ignition off

c) Measure all 14 pins with a votmeter with ignition on

I made a little chart to keep track and discovered the following.


Pin 8 and Pin 3 had a 12 volt signal with the ignition on. My Haynes manual has a great drawing of the relay mother board so by following where the ignition acivtated pins led I was able to jump from the power supply relay which comes on with the ignition switch, to the fuel pump relay. So now when I turn the key the car comes to life, the fuel pump relay activates, and the re-purposed to cooling pump comes on. Simple…it only took me all day…

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