The Mating Season

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Yesterday my transaxle found its way back home from Rancho Performance in Fullerton CA. It hitched a ride on freight truck heading North. So this morning my brother in law Tom and I revisited the flywheel/clutch assembly and checked the torque on all of the bolts. It’s a good thing we did too, the flywheel bolts were finger tight!  I knew this because I just set it up for storage until the transaxle was completed. We torqued all of the flywheel bolts down to 80ft/lbs and reassembled the clutch and pressure plate and then we were ready to mate the AC50 motor to the transaxle using Sebastian’s amazing billeted aluminum adapter. This adapter fits a few different types of motors and is stamped TOP on the back of the adapter. We lined up the motor assembly and transaxle, making sure the TOP stamp was at the top and put the threaded studs into the adapter… but… they did not line up. I knew this adapter worked because when I recieved it I checked it against the bell housing… at least I thought I did. I procured a tape measure and measured the distance between the studs. Quickly we surmised TOP actually meant RIGHT SIDE for this particular configuration. All we had to do was twist the motor 90 degrees and viola’ she lined up and almost mated right in front of us. We did have to coax her a bit but the out come is one very attractive drive assembly ready for installation.

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2 thoughts on “The Mating Season

  1. Hi Mark,
    I’ve been reading your blog last night and today; it’s very concise and detailed! Are you planning to go clutchless? I didn’t seem like there were any clutch parts installed when you mated the motor and transmission.

    • Alex
      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. As a matter of fact there is a clutch (the original) and I even had the starter ring lathed off the flywheel. Then I had the whole thing balanced. If you live in the CA Central Valley, Valley Balancing in Ceres is a great place to get your work done for that type of mission. Now I am working on the proper bracketing system for the battery boxes.

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