The Heart of the Matter

Yesterday I ordered my motor and controller from Jack, Brian and all of the crew at EVTV. I am getting this click on link. I ordered the AC50 with the aux shaft in case I get the bright idea of adding some belt driven accessories. One other thing Brian said they were going to do, is load the new software in the controller on their Spyder 550 and use it for a test bed to insure it not only works properly, they will have an idea how to program it in case I run into difficulty and need they’re help.

Front End Lightning


Once ¬†again I am modifying and trying to produce a better product. I have ordered my adapter from Steve Messerschmidt at Rebirth Auto and he has assured me that the thing is half complete so I can expect it soon. Steve does great work. The adapter is made of billeted aluminium and is a work of art as well as being the best (most functional) adapter made today. Next I found a fiberglass front end on ebay. It is the fancy one the 916 had on it. Of course it is a reproduction and as I do not have an original one to compare, I can’t tell if it is a good one. A buddy of mine who is very good at body and paint is helping me install it. Here are some pictures depicting the progress.