Let There Be Lights

Since the post I have installed the headlights, headlight motors, passenger side door handle, tail  lights, both outside door seals, windshield wipers and ran the wiring harness to these elements. EVERYTHING WORKS!! I will be posting more pics in the near future I have been taking them as I go. In the meantime the project is pressing forward.

Keep On Pluggin

Many Rivers to Cross

I have so much to say… I’ll start with January. Although January was cold, I was able to get some rebuilding done. I’ve researched places for Porsche parts and assembly instructions. The first thing I did was find door handles and the seals for all of the doors. Buyer beware there are some people out there who will ask a higher then normal price and  you will recieve a less then OEM knock off which does not fit properly. Inspite of all of that I was able to assemble the doors and window mechanism on each door so that they open and close properly and the windows function smoothly. There are quite a few adjustments on just the window which make all the difference between a tight fit and a sloppy fit. I got my tail lights back from Cars Etc, in Turlock CA and they look brand new.Next I will be putting on the vinyl sail cover. I need warmer weather for that though.

I removed the rear gasket from unde the rear window and the back glass came very loose.  Part of the “Sail Project” will be to install the rear window properly. More Later

Keep On Pluggin, Mark