A Little Late and a Little Early

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Hello, Today’s quiz is “What is the deal with that title?”, “A Little late and a little early?” You see earlier I stated I would try to write every week. Well I am a little late… although it is technically the next week it is Sunday and I stated that on a Wed or Thur (I can’t remember). This week was eventful. I drove down to Maricopa CA, two weeks “early” to retrieve the Electric LUV. She is sitting in my driveway as I write this. I am having a difficult time with EV1E. Or I should say with EV1E’s brake lights. I will resolve the issue today though. I put a new sliding window on the passenger’s side so that more air can circulate. I still haven’t found the passenger side door window so I modified a piece of clear Lexon for the window. I will post pictures so that you can see the progress. I am still block sanding the paint. as there were quite a few fish eyes in it. In the meantime now is a great time to drive her.
I heard some sobering news on NPR. Scientist are now saying that global warming is here and we are past the point of no return. I believe we are in for a very hot future. There are people though who don’t believe what scientist have been telling them for the last 40 or so years, why would they believe them now? Even as they watch in disbelief the fertile valley’s turn to deserts and the seven seas rise and the populations become displaced… are you listening now Rush BFFI mouthpiece for lunatics and haters Limbaugh? Hey GM, how about an electric vehicle which doesn’t require GAS! Nissan, Tesla, Your the tops! If we really want to change the way of thinking about transportation though, we need to get butts in seats of electric vehicles. We need to have an economy electric vehicle. It is possible, Hell I built one using retail parts for $17,000. Surely the major manufacturer’s can come up with a economical solution with all of there contacts and previous experience for much less money. Maybe they can come up with a hover craft to replace the mommy van so that we can take our kids to school in the new climate which they don’t believe is here. OK, maybe it isn’t as bad as all that… call me a cockeyed optomist, but I think we could at least try to change our ways. If we don’t we are sure to parish. If we do… who knows, maybe we can reverse it. We may still parish, but at least we tried!!


Some Changes in Format

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Anyone interested enough to read this weekly blog, should also check out Jack, Brian, and Mat on www.EVTV.me
I have learned many things from Jack’s show and I love the fact that we now have a valuable resource for educating ourselves through the EVTV team’s knowledge and experimentation. The EVTeam has built 2 Porsche Speedsters, Modified a van, converted a Mini Cooper, and have set up a test bench for their upcoming project, a Cadillac Escolade Conversion. Check it out. As for EV1E… still up on blocks. But the weather is changing and I will be able to work in my now freezing shop again soon.
I have recently purchased 22 Solar panels which I will be mounting on my south facing roof. I also have purchased a converted Electric Chevy LUV pickup. Delivery will be around the 23 of mar. You can follow my progress on www.electricar.us
I will be updating the Electric LUV for daily use. I will also be using this blog for documenting the progress of all of my EV projects not just the Bradley. Well that’s it for now. Please Keep On Pluggin



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This bumper thing is really slowing me down, seems simple, but I just don’t want to ruin the aerodynamics of the front end. I will come up with something… I have finished the paperwork to register Evie and gathered up all of the reciepts. Total cost is $17,163 and that is without the following. Paint, carpet, Heater, soundsystem, registration fees, and licensing AND GAS AND OIL! Sounds expensive but remember this is a one off vehicle, sort of a prototype. EVIE is a great little car. Starting on Wed Oct 7, I have three days off. Maybe I will finish her and start driving her legally. It has been a long road and I couldn’t have done it without all of the support and helping hands of my friends who have been involved in this project. And a special thank you to The Traveling Wilburys we have almost reached

The End Of The Line

Well its all right, riding around in the breeze
Well its all right, if you live the life you please
Well its all right, doing the best you can
Well its all right, as long as you lend a hand

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring
Waiting for someone to tell you everything
Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring
Maybe a diamond ring

Well its all right, even if they say you’re wrong
Well its all right, sometimes you gotta be strong
Well its all right, as long as you got somewhere to lay
Well its all right, everyday is judgement day

Maybe somewhere down the road a ways
You’ll think of me, and wonder where I am these days
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays
Purple haze

Well its all right, even when push comes to shove
Well its all right, if you got someone to love
Well its all right, everything will work out fine
Well its all right, were going to the end of the line

Dont have to be ashamed of the car I drive
Im just glad to be here, happy to be alive
It dont matter if youre by my side
Im satisfied

Well its all right, even if youre old and grey
Well its all right, you still got something to say
Well its all right, remember to live and let live
Well its all right, the best you can do is forgive

Well its all right, riding around in the breeze
Well its all right, if you live the life you please
Well its all right, even if the sun dont shine
Well its all right, were going to the end of the line
The Traveling Wilburys


Happy Birthday America! God Bless The World

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Still waiting…


The Heat is On!

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This is the official announcement. My goal is to have Evie operational by the end of this month. I will be taking the last half of the month off to finish her. I will be posting everyday from the 15th on so that my loyal fans and all those interested will get to see the progress on a daily basis.


Happy Anniversary!

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It has been one year since the The California Air Resources Board Voted for me to build an electric car… Lets review. The big 3 auto industry was not helped by the decision as hoped. Tesla however is still on track in spite of the decision CARB made last year. We have voted out the money grubbing, war waging greed mongers. In desperation for an identity, Rush Limbaugh has become the voice of the Republican Party (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). We have voted in a man with a vision, intelligence, fortitude, and a realistic plan…Finally! As for the car, The chassis is 98% finished, The body is 50% finished, and I have all of the Parts to finish the entire unit. I have had some wonderful support from friends and family and would now like to thank them.
Thank You
Don and Dolores Bush
Belia Hawkins
Joel Hawkins
Tom Ceirante
Dave Haggland
Greg Hawkins of Bugformance of Stockton
Mike and Sheri of Electro Automotive
Jim Cullen
Sean Ryan
Ken Henn
All of the kids across the street
My dog Molly, and her cats, Manx, Tiger, El Sluggo, TC, and Sable

I truly value your love and, the support you have shown throughout this process so far. Thank You from the deepest of my feelings. “Keep On Pluggin”


My Vacation

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6/2/08-6/9/08 Plumbed Spa, assembled a band, rehearsed for my brothers wedding, loaded and set up all of the equipment, played at the wedding and reception, tore down and loaded all of the equipment (this time with help) into the jeep. Cooked for friends and family. Recovered from the reception. On the very last day of my eight days off I was able to work on the car.