EVIE The Movie

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This is the trailer for the little movie I am making… enjoy
This is The Movie “Gettin The Lead Out”


Stripping, Cleaning and Painting

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The sub frame is coming along splendidly. I have stripped it down to the bare metal in some spots cleaned off the rust where necessary and primed painted and inspected it. There are no deformities except where the L bracket under the front battery rack hit the driveway backing out a few times until my friend Tom told me to “make sure one wheel is up the driveway before the other and that way it wont hit like that”. He was right. I will install the subframe next week.


Deck Lid Latch

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On my way home from work I decided to stop by Little Dave’s place and see if I could salvage a switch off of the Bradley. I started to carefully remove the connectors from the switches only to discover that the switches fell apart. I gathered up all of the pieces and put them in my pocket. Then It occurred to me that The whole Instrument panel is held on by four screws. So I removed the instrument panel. I thought maybe I should get some connectors in case I needed them, instead I wound up carefully removing the entire wiring harness…and I didn’t have to cut one wire. Then I while I was under the back of the car removing the wiring harness I noticed the rear deck lid had the bracket and air cylinder I needed so I removed them as well. The rear deck lid stuff is now happily residing on EV1E and the panel is on my bench. The wiring harness is going in EV1E someday…maybe or maybe it will go in the Bradley it came from but for now it is out of the weather and safe in my shop.


Didja’ miss me?

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Today I have a day off from work and I started putting that time to use by wiring Evie with the replacement harness I received in the mail on the day I had to go back to work… Ah life… As you can see there are a few wires. Fortunately I also received the schematic and have a pretty good idea how this works. So here is the first draft of the install.
The new flange Relays and Wires Realys and Connectors Rear Harness Three of Five Harnesses
Not real sexy but definitely on the right track. Tomorrow I connect the keyswitch! Getting real close.


Happy Anniversary!

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It has been one year since the The California Air Resources Board Voted for me to build an electric car… Lets review. The big 3 auto industry was not helped by the decision as hoped. Tesla however is still on track in spite of the decision CARB made last year. We have voted out the money grubbing, war waging greed mongers. In desperation for an identity, Rush Limbaugh has become the voice of the Republican Party (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). We have voted in a man with a vision, intelligence, fortitude, and a realistic plan…Finally! As for the car, The chassis is 98% finished, The body is 50% finished, and I have all of the Parts to finish the entire unit. I have had some wonderful support from friends and family and would now like to thank them.
Thank You
Don and Dolores Bush
Belia Hawkins
Joel Hawkins
Tom Ceirante
Dave Haggland
Greg Hawkins of Bugformance of Stockton
Mike and Sheri of Electro Automotive
Jim Cullen
Sean Ryan
Ken Henn
All of the kids across the street
My dog Molly, and her cats, Manx, Tiger, El Sluggo, TC, and Sable

I truly value your love and, the support you have shown throughout this process so far. Thank You from the deepest of my feelings. “Keep On Pluggin”


The Grey Beast rises again

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Well after glassing the top on, I attempted to fit the doors. They wouldn’t line up properly. (They have never lined up properly) I went to Bugformance of Stockton and and asked Greg if I could use one of the doors off of the “Grey Beast” He agreed and I attempted to fit the door . It too wouldn’t fit The problem seems to be only on one side. The solution… I am going to use the top and door assy from the donor car. This should solve the problem. Just to remind you, here’s a photo of the donor car.
gtebradley-002.jpg gtebradley-012.jpg


The Body

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Rollbar?top offToday I disassembled the Bradley Body and made some discoveries. The first being, the Bradley has no roll cage to speak of. It has what looks like a roll bar, but it is actually just a brace to bolt the top to. The second thing is that the car was originally copper metalflake in color.


Ball Joints Go “Pop!”

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front-end-and-fund-raiser-026.jpgfront-end-and-fund-raiser-029.jpgToday I had to remove the ball joints from the swing arms. To do this required the following: 1ea ¾” impact socket for the driver, 1ea 1 1/4” impact socket for the receiver, 1ea “Big ass C-Clamp”. For the “Big ass C-Clamp I chose the one attached to my bench, some folks refer to it as a vise but I’ve got plenty of those already so… this is my bench mounted “Big ass C-Clamp”. I also needed an extension handle. The photos tell the whole story except for the resounding “POP!” when that baby breaks free.
Once all of the ball joints were out, I started cleaning the swing arms. Thats Molly defending the swing arms, note; all of the ball joints are removed.


Back to NAPA

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Today I had to order a slide hammer from Deepak at NAPA to assist in the removal of the front bearings and races. Yesterday sunday I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to remove the bearings from the axle beam and was only successful at removing one with a puller I have. My second attempt wasn’t quite so fruitful. In fact I succeeded at ripping the next one so that all of the little needles fell out of the bearing. The puller didn’t seem to be the right size and on my third and forth, fifth, sixth, seventh… try at “beating a dead horse” I decided to use a different approach. My slide hammer will be here tomorrow right before I have to go to work.


Decisions, Decisions

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front-end-and-fund-raiser-004.jpg I bolted the front suspension to the chassis so I could tear down the front wheels. I got the entire steering system removed. I removed the knuckles, wheels and all, on both sides. I have decided not powder coat the front suspension. I will steam clean it strip it and paint it. Powder coating would require me to remove the front torsion bearings and assembly and is not worth the risk of damaging the system. So I will replace all tie rod ends, ball joints, both knuckles (with new disc brake spindles), rotors, and that ought to do it for the front suspension.

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