EVIE The Movie

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This is the trailer for the little movie I am making… enjoy
This is The Movie “Gettin The Lead Out”


Yippee! We’re Ready to Go Dad!

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C'mon lets go!
These are my helpers. They were protesting that I couldn’t take them to Laguna Seca with me. This is an old fashioned “Sit In” They actually slept in the car last night and would not come in (the car was parked in the garage) the house.
We are ready for the big event at Laguna Seca tomorrow. Robert has volunteered his time and car trailer to the cause and we will be loading EV1E on the trailer eeearly in the morning. The Electric Automobile Association California Central Valley Chapter will be represented tomorrow!
I drove EV1E today and she “feels like a different car.” Jack Rickard of EVTV made this statement to me in one of our correspondences about the differences between lead and Lithium. He said when I change from lead to Lithium that my car will “feel like a different car” I wasn’t sure what he meant by it, I mean how could the same car feel completely different? Now I know what he meant EV1E feels more solid more responsive … tighter. Don’t know how else to explain it. Tomorrow is going to be a great way to see just what she can do.


Just a Little Short On One End

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While I was perusing the website I noticed that for some reason I got it in my head that I would only need 7 cells on each side in the back. I can only fit 27 cells in the front rack. A quick calculation and I come up with 41 Batteries total. So we (Willie the Welder and I) are putting 8 batteries in the back on the drivers side and 7 on the passenger side giving us a total of 15 batteries in the back approx 180lbs plus the 130lbs of motor and the 40 or so lbs of Controller and the 9 lbs DC to DC converter approx 350lbs in the back and 324lbs in the front. Let me see…
Thats 684 lbs say 700 lbs which includes the motor, controller, dc to dc converter, charger and all of the batteries and battery boxes. the body with the windows and accessories weighs in at 600lbs and I dont know what a 74 VW chassis weighs so I am up to 1300lbs not including the weight of the chassis. Does anyone out there know the weight of a 74 VW chassis? The weight of the Lead acid gel batteries I am replacing was 840 lbs and only 1/3rd the energy. I think this car will weigh in at approx 2100lbs fully energized.

These photos show the passenger side battery box with the batteries in it (not final) to show how they will fit in the box. Obviously they are not ready to be hooked up. Note the pos and neg terminal placement…not correct. The second pic shows the bat box placement in relationship with the controller.


Stripping, Cleaning and Painting

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The sub frame is coming along splendidly. I have stripped it down to the bare metal in some spots cleaned off the rust where necessary and primed painted and inspected it. There are no deformities except where the L bracket under the front battery rack hit the driveway backing out a few times until my friend Tom told me to “make sure one wheel is up the driveway before the other and that way it wont hit like that”. He was right. I will install the subframe next week.


Lower the Boom!

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Actually I lowered the subframe… Let me start over, I gathered up my battery boxes and weighed them. As you can see in the picture they were made of wood and weighed 55 lbs.
Then I removed the last lead acid battery. As you can see there is a lot of corrosion from the gel battery venting. This battery was only in the vehicle for three years. It was used for my 12 volt accessories in conjunction with a DC to DC converter. Now I am only going to use a DC to DC converter.

But wait theres more! I also lowered, removed and weighed the subframe. It needs to be cleaned up and either powder coated or painted. I thought seriously about losing the subframe but after careful consideration I have decided that the mere 140 lbs weight loss compared to the difference in handling (I would have to put 600 lbs of batteries in the back seat essentially) is not worth the trade off. The subframe hangs below the VW chassis and therefore offers the car a lower center of gravity. I have never had the car go fast enough to check for drift but I have taken it through 25 mph curves at 60 mph and was amazed at the handling capability of the car. Even though she was heavy with lead acid, she performed admirably. If Iose the subframe I would have to install my batteries on the back shelf of the car. This would put them rearward and up above the chassis about one foot to the shelf and another foot for the height of the battery. Thats 600 lbs on a one foot arm compared to 740 with a lower center of gravity then the original car. So I choose the subframe.
After all of that I will replace the wire harness with a better one… but that’s another story.
Keep On Pluggin

Willie’s Bracket

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Today I asked my neighbor Willie if I could pick his brain about welding a shelf for the controller I thought the easiest way would be behind the motor or I could rebuild the original battery shelf which I tore out to make room for the lead acid batteries which I am in the process of replacing with LiFePo4’s. The next thing I know we are measuring and designing a bracket in the space behind the right rear wheel well which the DMOC will sit on and be completely out of the way of the battery packs. Thanks to Willie’s expertise and vision.



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Rendering 1
According to CA state vehicle regulations, in order to register Evie, I have to have bumpers mounted on Evie. I have come up with a suitable design for Evie’s rear but I am having difficulty with the idea of punching a hole in the sculpted front end which I worked so hard to create. The rendering is what i feel the rear bumpers will look like. the design is simple. two vertical steel sheets, shaped, and with sheets of recycled rubber laminated in between them. Two bolts or rivets to hold them together and welded on two 1.25″ square steel tubes which slip into the sub frame and are pinned like a trailer hitch. As far as the front goes…
Rendering 2… your guess is as good as mine.


Evie Update

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Here are more pictures of Evie. These were taken on the 17th after I readjusted the top and doors. The doors fit much better now. What you can’t see from the pictures, I had to shave off just a sliver of the inside fender well to allow better clearance for the wheels and tires. I have decided to mount the 12 Volt fuse block/wire harness on the center tunnel behind the emergency brake. This will give me easy access. This car has a center console and all I will have to do to check or change a fuse is lift the door on the console. The console also has channels built into it which I can run my harnesses through.
The push is to get her street legal so that I can start driving her to work. Some of the members of Team Evie are coming this weekend to help. There are many rivers to cross before we get there.
Needs Top adjustment Drivers Door Front Passenger Door Before Tail Lights Front and Low


Today We Ride!!!

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Today August 4th 2009 at 1435 PDT Evie moved on her own power. I threw a seat in her (didn’t even bolt it in and a steering wheel on her (again, no bolt) and started her up and drove her down the driveway and down the street and back. Then I backed her up the driveway and into her stall. I did this a total of two times. It has been a long road to get to this point but we are here. Here are some photos of Evie on her Maiden Voyage Day.
Solo Seating Unbolted Seating Unbolted Steering Tucked In Right Tucked In Left


Didja’ miss me?

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Today I have a day off from work and I started putting that time to use by wiring Evie with the replacement harness I received in the mail on the day I had to go back to work… Ah life… As you can see there are a few wires. Fortunately I also received the schematic and have a pretty good idea how this works. So here is the first draft of the install.
The new flange Relays and Wires Realys and Connectors Rear Harness Three of Five Harnesses
Not real sexy but definitely on the right track. Tomorrow I connect the keyswitch! Getting real close.

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