EVIE The Movie

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This is the trailer for the little movie I am making… enjoy
This is The Movie “Gettin The Lead Out”


Stripping, Cleaning and Painting

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The sub frame is coming along splendidly. I have stripped it down to the bare metal in some spots cleaned off the rust where necessary and primed painted and inspected it. There are no deformities except where the L bracket under the front battery rack hit the driveway backing out a few times until my friend Tom told me to “make sure one wheel is up the driveway before the other and that way it wont hit like that”. He was right. I will install the subframe next week.


Evie Update

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Here are more pictures of Evie. These were taken on the 17th after I readjusted the top and doors. The doors fit much better now. What you can’t see from the pictures, I had to shave off just a sliver of the inside fender well to allow better clearance for the wheels and tires. I have decided to mount the 12 Volt fuse block/wire harness on the center tunnel behind the emergency brake. This will give me easy access. This car has a center console and all I will have to do to check or change a fuse is lift the door on the console. The console also has channels built into it which I can run my harnesses through.
The push is to get her street legal so that I can start driving her to work. Some of the members of Team Evie are coming this weekend to help. There are many rivers to cross before we get there.
Needs Top adjustment Drivers Door Front Passenger Door Before Tail Lights Front and Low


Today We Ride!!!

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Today August 4th 2009 at 1435 PDT Evie moved on her own power. I threw a seat in her (didn’t even bolt it in and a steering wheel on her (again, no bolt) and started her up and drove her down the driveway and down the street and back. Then I backed her up the driveway and into her stall. I did this a total of two times. It has been a long road to get to this point but we are here. Here are some photos of Evie on her Maiden Voyage Day.
Solo Seating Unbolted Seating Unbolted Steering Tucked In Right Tucked In Left


Now Flip It, Flip It Good…

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Yesterday I spent the morning doing fiberglass layups on the right Headlight housing. Then I fired up the bar-b-que and had some friends over. This morning I trimmed yesterday’s work and my friends Jeff and Dave came over to help me flip the car so that it once again looks like “a dead cockroach”. I am actually ahead of schedule.Tomorrow I will finish the glass that needs to be done on the underside of “Evie”


Happy Anniversary!

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It has been one year since the The California Air Resources Board Voted for me to build an electric car… Lets review. The big 3 auto industry was not helped by the decision as hoped. Tesla however is still on track in spite of the decision CARB made last year. We have voted out the money grubbing, war waging greed mongers. In desperation for an identity, Rush Limbaugh has become the voice of the Republican Party (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). We have voted in a man with a vision, intelligence, fortitude, and a realistic plan…Finally! As for the car, The chassis is 98% finished, The body is 50% finished, and I have all of the Parts to finish the entire unit. I have had some wonderful support from friends and family and would now like to thank them.
Thank You
Don and Dolores Bush
Belia Hawkins
Joel Hawkins
Tom Ceirante
Dave Haggland
Greg Hawkins of Bugformance of Stockton
Mike and Sheri of Electro Automotive
Jim Cullen
Sean Ryan
Ken Henn
All of the kids across the street
My dog Molly, and her cats, Manx, Tiger, El Sluggo, TC, and Sable

I truly value your love and, the support you have shown throughout this process so far. Thank You from the deepest of my feelings. “Keep On Pluggin”


The Grey Beast rises again

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Well after glassing the top on, I attempted to fit the doors. They wouldn’t line up properly. (They have never lined up properly) I went to Bugformance of Stockton and and asked Greg if I could use one of the doors off of the “Grey Beast” He agreed and I attempted to fit the door . It too wouldn’t fit The problem seems to be only on one side. The solution… I am going to use the top and door assy from the donor car. This should solve the problem. Just to remind you, here’s a photo of the donor car.
gtebradley-002.jpg gtebradley-012.jpg


Better Then New

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The axle beam came back today and it looks new! Mark did a really great job on it. I sent back with him all of the swing arms. When I get them back I will install the ball joints and start assembling the front end…at least that is the plan.


Off to Crown

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Mark came over and got the axle Beam for media blasting and powder coating. I will be ready for the assembly phase of the front suspension when I get the axle beam back, in the meantime, I am cleaning parts and straightening up my work area.


Powdered and Pretty

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beforeafterToday Mark delivered Evie’s pan. as you can see she is beautiful. The total price was 680.00, which included welding the holes which were pointed out to me yesterday. Check out the before and after pics.

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