Just a Little Short On One End

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While I was perusing the website I noticed that for some reason I got it in my head that I would only need 7 cells on each side in the back. I can only fit 27 cells in the front rack. A quick calculation and I come up with 41 Batteries total. So we (Willie the Welder and I) are putting 8 batteries in the back on the drivers side and 7 on the passenger side giving us a total of 15 batteries in the back approx 180lbs plus the 130lbs of motor and the 40 or so lbs of Controller and the 9 lbs DC to DC converter approx 350lbs in the back and 324lbs in the front. Let me see…
Thats 684 lbs say 700 lbs which includes the motor, controller, dc to dc converter, charger and all of the batteries and battery boxes. the body with the windows and accessories weighs in at 600lbs and I dont know what a 74 VW chassis weighs so I am up to 1300lbs not including the weight of the chassis. Does anyone out there know the weight of a 74 VW chassis? The weight of the Lead acid gel batteries I am replacing was 840 lbs and only 1/3rd the energy. I think this car will weigh in at approx 2100lbs fully energized.

These photos show the passenger side battery box with the batteries in it (not final) to show how they will fit in the box. Obviously they are not ready to be hooked up. Note the pos and neg terminal placement…not correct. The second pic shows the bat box placement in relationship with the controller.


More Wiring, Component Placement, Door Seals

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The big news is the wiring for the motor and the controller is almost complete. It is cleaned up considerably. I have a central buss bar for my ground wires and there really isn’t that much to hooking up relays. I moved the charger to the back firewall (if you can call it that) it is now tucked neatly into the back. Everything looks cleaner. The dash board is also being re-designed…more about that later. I have ordered some more weather pack 3 way connectors. I will install those when they arrive. I have been tripping over stuff in my shop and so as to not be one who dismisses hints from the universe, I am spending the rest of the day cleaning up. Oh one more thing, Rigo from American Glass came over and checked out the EV1E’s doors and windows for leaks. He suggested I add some fiberglass strips to the door frames so the doors can be lined up with the gaskets. I looked at it and decided the aluminum would be a better choice as you can see it turned out pretty nice. I will be re-enforcing all of the doors with aluminum. I enjoy working with aluminum but it is a new concept for me. If anyone can make suggestions as to what tools I need… I have totally fried the grinder wheel on my bench grinder. It appears that a lower speed of everything is used because of the lower melting point temp of aluminum.Cutting is a problem but I find shaping fairly easy, a hand file works well for that.
Well the th th thee Thats all folks!
Keep On Pluggin


What a Difference a Battery Makes

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Last week at the EAA meeting we had a suprise visitor… By that I mean he wasn’t there for the meeting, he was there to go to a different place in the same strip mall area. Apparently he saw my car in front of our meeting place (Lamp Post Pizza, West Main St, Turlock CA Third Thursday of each month) and ask me if it was electric. Then he said “I’ve got one”, I asked “Where?” to which he replied “In the parking lot. Want to see it?” So we walked out to the parking lot and he showed me a Honda Civic which had been converted and to which he converted the conversion to LiFePo4 batteries. It was beautiful! I asked what the difference in performance is and he said “Hop in, I will show you…” and he did. The first thing I noticed was the noise the tires made as we went from Zero to screeeeech. then I saw that the battery voltage was barely sagging. It turns out that he is heavily invested in the electric car industry and was happy to have bumped into us. We have something to offer each other mutually.
The next thing which happened this week is the universe provided the passenger side window I have been wishing for. Actually it was provided by Larry and his wife Jeanie who came out to CA for Larry to do an install for his computer business and he brought me the window for which I traded him an extra windshield I had. What these pictures depict are the present luan which is the passenger side window fog simulator of an excuse for a window. The other pics show the new window uninstalled and the drivers side window which is original. All in all it was a very productive week.
Did I mention Dave and I retrieved my cars from Stockton? I now have Three of the four 914’s I bought sitting in my driveway? But that is a title page story… www.electricar.us


Weekly Journal

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I have decided to keep my blog going and write something at least once per week. EV1E is still on blocks but I am getting closer to a solution for my distance problem with each passing day. I am researching the “Bedini” circuit in conjunction with a generator/motor to extend my range. Today I purchased a Chevy Luv conversion and solar panel array to charge it. I will be picking it up in Mar and will post pictures. It’s “frickin cold” in my shop so I will have to wait until it thaws out a little to do any wrench turning but the research continues. EV1E needs another coat of paint and I have to block sand her. I have chanc\ged my mind on the heater design. I am still going to use the ceramic elements but I am going to use 144V DC to power them.
I will be replacing the wood battery boxes with Aluminum ones and I am still looking for the passenger side window. Does anyone out there know where I can get one? I have an extra windshield I can trade.
Keep On Pluggin


Now We’re Getting There!

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This is a photo of EV1E in my garage. I am getting her ready for the next coat of paint. I have been saving up for Lithium batteries and should have enough to purchase them in the next few months. I have decided to use Aluminum Battery boxes when I install them. I am following Jack Rickard’s example. www.evtv.me
I will be working on the interior and continuing with proof positive that electric vehicles are the way to go. See you next time.


EV1E Goes Green

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Yesterday we started painting EV1E. When I went in to look at colors this one jumped out at me. She is definitely a green car now. Does anyone know where there is a big Hot Wheels Track?


EV1E’s Home

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This is great! I drove her home, drove her to the store, drove her to band practice and didn’t use one drop of gasoline. She is really starting to look like a real car. Check out the photos…


Ghost EV1E

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EV1E looks marvelous! She is in her ghost state and is awaiting the glass guy. Wed I will pick her up for testing. Enjoy the pics


May’s Gonna Be Great!

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OK here is the latest. I will get Ev1e back from Cars etc. next week (after Wednesday) and I have some work to do before I get the interior done. The first thing is moving the wheels out so that they fit in the wheel wells properly. The next is…Performance. The fastest I have been able to go so far is 58 mph. This car is supposed to be able to go 90 mph I have been in touch with the folks at Azure and they sent me some parameter settings for a DMOC capture. I will be running some driving test and sending them the results. They will then send me the proper settings to make my car Go go go! Then I will get the interior done. Here are some more pics of EV1E’s progress. The changes are subtle but definite.


Body Shop

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This is how EV1E looked today. Note the door jams and the lip around the headlight housing. Rigo is going to do a little more work on the headlight housing and prep it for paint. The directional lights have changed as well…more later.

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