Yippee! We’re Ready to Go Dad!

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C'mon lets go!
These are my helpers. They were protesting that I couldn’t take them to Laguna Seca with me. This is an old fashioned “Sit In” They actually slept in the car last night and would not come in (the car was parked in the garage) the house.
We are ready for the big event at Laguna Seca tomorrow. Robert has volunteered his time and car trailer to the cause and we will be loading EV1E on the trailer eeearly in the morning. The Electric Automobile Association California Central Valley Chapter will be represented tomorrow!
I drove EV1E today and she “feels like a different car.” Jack Rickard of EVTV made this statement to me in one of our correspondences about the differences between lead and Lithium. He said when I change from lead to Lithium that my car will “feel like a different car” I wasn’t sure what he meant by it, I mean how could the same car feel completely different? Now I know what he meant EV1E feels more solid more responsive … tighter. Don’t know how else to explain it. Tomorrow is going to be a great way to see just what she can do.


Long Week, 121 Gigawatts! what was thinking!

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Ok here is the scoop. Today, The Day on the calendar wherein, in 1955 Marty McFly first went back to the future in Doc’s Delorean, EV1E received her first jolt of Lithium Power. A very historic day.
As I said it was a long week. I took Monday off thanks to the graciousness and understanding of my fabulous program manager. So what did I do with it? I finished wiring the Low Voltage system. I tested all the relays and made sure they all functioned properly. I re-read the instruction manual for my PL6 which is supposed to be able to discharge a battery at 40Amps. I went through all of the steps and the only thing I got was a message that said “Bad Cell Count” and no matter what I do that is all I can get. I called Revo and sent several emails but alas a good product is only as good as the support behind it. Given that rule I have to say that the PL6 is a bad product… only because of the lack of support, that and it wont do anything useful. Did I mention I called them… this started about three weeks ago and I have yet to hear from them.
That said and done I had to figure another way to balance my pack. This took some thought…
On Tuesday I hooked up the DC to DC converter and Willie the welder came over and we welded the new seat brackets in so that I could use the 914 seats… The seats were too high, 914 seats too high! We revisited the old bradley seats and made some modifications to them and that is what I am using. On Tuesday I we also put in the locking mechanism for the aft battery boxes. On Tues night I Started placing batteries in the boxes in the proper configuration. I also fitted the connecting cables which connect the front box to the aft boxes. Wed I spent most of the day trying to configure the PL6 to discharge more then 7.99Amps. Then Willie came over again and he took the seat brackets out so that the Old Bradley seats would fit. I also pulled the three point seatbelt system out of the Porsche 914 and installed it in EV1E. I used the roll bar for the harness attachment and the other two points are where I had the lap belt. Today was great! I decided I was going to hook up all of the main pack and check all the systems. They are working. I drove the car down the block and thought this car is sluggish… I drove back home and parked EV1E in the garage and went to apply the E Brake, it was already applied. I took off the E Brake and drove to the end of the block again this time with much more pep.
About balancing. I am going to charge the pack until the most charged battery reach’s 3.5 volts then, I am going to measure the lowest voltages and take the high voltage batts out of the string and charge everything up to 3.5Volts. Then reintroduce the charged batts which were removed and have a balanced pack. I can then run the car normally until the batteries are discharged to almost 2.75V then I can hand balance them. For Now I have just a little more to do and I am ready for Laguna Seca.


OK Say’s Autopilot

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I have connected 4 batteries in parallel and am bottom balancing them all at the same time. Since I have to be away for a few days I thought I would Let the machines take over and when I called to check up on it I was told that they had already finished… I guess I will see soon enough, but if that is the case I will be able to do these much faster. Only a few days left and all I have to do is finish bottom balancing, hook up the main pack, hook up the DC to DC converter, weld in the seat brackets, seat belts and shoulder harnesses, adjust rear brakes, and hook up the instrumentation. Piece of cake! (gulp) Then I have to charge the pack and I will be ready to roll.


Really Getting There

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The battery boxes are complete. The Ah gauge has power, The lights work, I am finishing the bottom balancing of the pack. These are the latest pics.

More Wiring, Wiring, Soldering Wires, and Wiring

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The light switch is installed and works properly. I was able to use the directional light switch I purchased in 2009 (and wasn’t able to use) which now functions as the turn switch and hi beam low beam switch. Ahh time and good ol book learnin are sure wonderful and useful tools. The directional lights, brake lights, headlights (Hi and low beam), and taillights are all hooked up and functioning properly.
The Batteries fit in the front in three rows of nine each just like little soldiers. I used two 3/4″ gland nuts to run the battery cables through the firewall. They will connect the front pack to the two rear packs. As I write this I am falling asleep so I think I better hit the hay.
Keep on Pluggin


Re Wire (con’t)

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This is the new old wiring harness. I am going to replace the one I made with this one which was installed in a Bradley which was never finished. The first thing to do is figure out what all these wires are for… anyone out there got a schematic? ;-)


Life’s Unplanned Issues

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Today I was asked to work on my days off. It seems one of our nurses got into an automobile accident (not injured badly) and will be out for a week. I will be filling in. So I guess I will not be doing anything on my car except drawing plans for my battery boxes and researching speedometers, and light weight soundproofing. I will let you know how that goes.


What a Difference a Battery Makes

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Last week at the EAA meeting we had a suprise visitor… By that I mean he wasn’t there for the meeting, he was there to go to a different place in the same strip mall area. Apparently he saw my car in front of our meeting place (Lamp Post Pizza, West Main St, Turlock CA Third Thursday of each month) and ask me if it was electric. Then he said “I’ve got one”, I asked “Where?” to which he replied “In the parking lot. Want to see it?” So we walked out to the parking lot and he showed me a Honda Civic which had been converted and to which he converted the conversion to LiFePo4 batteries. It was beautiful! I asked what the difference in performance is and he said “Hop in, I will show you…” and he did. The first thing I noticed was the noise the tires made as we went from Zero to screeeeech. then I saw that the battery voltage was barely sagging. It turns out that he is heavily invested in the electric car industry and was happy to have bumped into us. We have something to offer each other mutually.
The next thing which happened this week is the universe provided the passenger side window I have been wishing for. Actually it was provided by Larry and his wife Jeanie who came out to CA for Larry to do an install for his computer business and he brought me the window for which I traded him an extra windshield I had. What these pictures depict are the present luan which is the passenger side window fog simulator of an excuse for a window. The other pics show the new window uninstalled and the drivers side window which is original. All in all it was a very productive week.
Did I mention Dave and I retrieved my cars from Stockton? I now have Three of the four 914’s I bought sitting in my driveway? But that is a title page story… www.electricar.us


It Was the Wascally Wabbit the Whole Time

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I found the proper windshield wiper arms for the Bradley. They were on a 1980 VW Rabbit in a wrecking yard. The cost…10.00 for the pair. Since VW doesn’t make these anymore I felt I got a bargain. Then it was off to the auto parts store for a pair of new blades I assembled everything installed them on the car and tested them… they worked! Then I tested to see if they would park… they do but, the opposite way I want them too. So instead of parking in the down position they park in the up position. I tried moving the arms so that they are in the parked position on the opposite side but the offset of the position of the wiper assembly is such that the arms do not fit properly in that direction. Therefore instead of having one speed windshield wipers that park, I have wired them to be two speeds and I have to park them myself by turning them off at the right moment. The switch is another story. They are no longer manufactured. I have one original Hazard switch and a full set of Bradley switches in a Bradley Body which was meticulously assembled, given to me and that I am keeping for a spare body unless I get a great offer. I have a blue illuminated switch which may work.
I have also discovered where I left my long lost camera. It is in a glove box in a pickup truck which belongs to my friend Jeff. Unfortunately Jeff just moved to San Diego. So I wont get my camera until the 18th when Jeff comes back up to the Central Valley. In the meantime there is still plenty to be done on EV1E.


Last Days of Jan 2010

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Hi All! I felt the need to give an update on the slow progress of EV1E. This month we started to prep her for paint and lo, the water came pouring down for quite a few days here in the valley. So while I was waiting I ordered a fiberglass piece which I have cut and am mounting in the back of EV1E to change the tail lights to round LEDs. The results will be stunning. I also did a warranty exchange on my ammeter gauge. The exchange went without flaw. Now that the weather is improving I will be finishing up EV1E cosmetically. I will also seal her for running all seasons

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