More Components

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I found a pair of Porsche Boxster seats on eBay, which I am going to install in EV1E. I received my 3 way connectors, and went to radio “shay” to get my alligator clips and banana clips for my recently purchased ProLab 6 which I will be using to bottom balance my cells. Mostly this weekend I worked and did stuff for my girlfriend. “Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans” JL
I have been thinking of going to EVCCON this year. EVCCON is a EV convention which was founded by Jack Rickard and Brian Noto of EVTV. I missed last year and I don’t want to miss it this year. This is a quote from Jacks website
“2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention – EVCCON
September 26-30, 2012 – Cape Girardeau Missouri
In September of 2011, 140 Electric Vehicle Conversion enthusiasts and 28 vehicles gathered in Cape Girardeau Missouri for nearly a week of educational sessions, shopwork, autocross and drag races, car shows, and general EV mayhem in what many describe as the best EV convention ever held. We are announcing the dates for the 2nd Annual version of Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention – the EVCCON 2012 for September 26-30. Many of the events will again be held at the hangar at the Cape Girardeau Airport, but the sessions and vendor floor will be in Cape’s own 32,000 square foot Show-Me Center Arena. We are making provisions for as many as 800 attendees and 100 cars.”
I hope we all see each other there!
“Keep On Pluggin”


Update On Fund Raising

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My 1955 Les Paul Jr did not sell on ebay and the universe still provided me with the funds to help change the world. Last night I got to play my LP Jr with some friends. Life is good! Thank you Universe!


What a Difference a Battery Makes

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Last week at the EAA meeting we had a suprise visitor… By that I mean he wasn’t there for the meeting, he was there to go to a different place in the same strip mall area. Apparently he saw my car in front of our meeting place (Lamp Post Pizza, West Main St, Turlock CA Third Thursday of each month) and ask me if it was electric. Then he said “I’ve got one”, I asked “Where?” to which he replied “In the parking lot. Want to see it?” So we walked out to the parking lot and he showed me a Honda Civic which had been converted and to which he converted the conversion to LiFePo4 batteries. It was beautiful! I asked what the difference in performance is and he said “Hop in, I will show you…” and he did. The first thing I noticed was the noise the tires made as we went from Zero to screeeeech. then I saw that the battery voltage was barely sagging. It turns out that he is heavily invested in the electric car industry and was happy to have bumped into us. We have something to offer each other mutually.
The next thing which happened this week is the universe provided the passenger side window I have been wishing for. Actually it was provided by Larry and his wife Jeanie who came out to CA for Larry to do an install for his computer business and he brought me the window for which I traded him an extra windshield I had. What these pictures depict are the present luan which is the passenger side window fog simulator of an excuse for a window. The other pics show the new window uninstalled and the drivers side window which is original. All in all it was a very productive week.
Did I mention Dave and I retrieved my cars from Stockton? I now have Three of the four 914’s I bought sitting in my driveway? But that is a title page story… www.electricar.us


Deck Lid Latch

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On my way home from work I decided to stop by Little Dave’s place and see if I could salvage a switch off of the Bradley. I started to carefully remove the connectors from the switches only to discover that the switches fell apart. I gathered up all of the pieces and put them in my pocket. Then It occurred to me that The whole Instrument panel is held on by four screws. So I removed the instrument panel. I thought maybe I should get some connectors in case I needed them, instead I wound up carefully removing the entire wiring harness…and I didn’t have to cut one wire. Then I while I was under the back of the car removing the wiring harness I noticed the rear deck lid had the bracket and air cylinder I needed so I removed them as well. The rear deck lid stuff is now happily residing on EV1E and the panel is on my bench. The wiring harness is going in EV1E someday…maybe or maybe it will go in the Bradley it came from but for now it is out of the weather and safe in my shop.


It Was the Wascally Wabbit the Whole Time

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I found the proper windshield wiper arms for the Bradley. They were on a 1980 VW Rabbit in a wrecking yard. The cost…10.00 for the pair. Since VW doesn’t make these anymore I felt I got a bargain. Then it was off to the auto parts store for a pair of new blades I assembled everything installed them on the car and tested them… they worked! Then I tested to see if they would park… they do but, the opposite way I want them too. So instead of parking in the down position they park in the up position. I tried moving the arms so that they are in the parked position on the opposite side but the offset of the position of the wiper assembly is such that the arms do not fit properly in that direction. Therefore instead of having one speed windshield wipers that park, I have wired them to be two speeds and I have to park them myself by turning them off at the right moment. The switch is another story. They are no longer manufactured. I have one original Hazard switch and a full set of Bradley switches in a Bradley Body which was meticulously assembled, given to me and that I am keeping for a spare body unless I get a great offer. I have a blue illuminated switch which may work.
I have also discovered where I left my long lost camera. It is in a glove box in a pickup truck which belongs to my friend Jeff. Unfortunately Jeff just moved to San Diego. So I wont get my camera until the 18th when Jeff comes back up to the Central Valley. In the meantime there is still plenty to be done on EV1E.


A Little Late and a Little Early

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Hello, Today’s quiz is “What is the deal with that title?”, “A Little late and a little early?” You see earlier I stated I would try to write every week. Well I am a little late… although it is technically the next week it is Sunday and I stated that on a Wed or Thur (I can’t remember). This week was eventful. I drove down to Maricopa CA, two weeks “early” to retrieve the Electric LUV. She is sitting in my driveway as I write this. I am having a difficult time with EV1E. Or I should say with EV1E’s brake lights. I will resolve the issue today though. I put a new sliding window on the passenger’s side so that more air can circulate. I still haven’t found the passenger side door window so I modified a piece of clear Lexon for the window. I will post pictures so that you can see the progress. I am still block sanding the paint. as there were quite a few fish eyes in it. In the meantime now is a great time to drive her.
I heard some sobering news on NPR. Scientist are now saying that global warming is here and we are past the point of no return. I believe we are in for a very hot future. There are people though who don’t believe what scientist have been telling them for the last 40 or so years, why would they believe them now? Even as they watch in disbelief the fertile valley’s turn to deserts and the seven seas rise and the populations become displaced… are you listening now Rush BFFI mouthpiece for lunatics and haters Limbaugh? Hey GM, how about an electric vehicle which doesn’t require GAS! Nissan, Tesla, Your the tops! If we really want to change the way of thinking about transportation though, we need to get butts in seats of electric vehicles. We need to have an economy electric vehicle. It is possible, Hell I built one using retail parts for $17,000. Surely the major manufacturer’s can come up with a economical solution with all of there contacts and previous experience for much less money. Maybe they can come up with a hover craft to replace the mommy van so that we can take our kids to school in the new climate which they don’t believe is here. OK, maybe it isn’t as bad as all that… call me a cockeyed optomist, but I think we could at least try to change our ways. If we don’t we are sure to parish. If we do… who knows, maybe we can reverse it. We may still parish, but at least we tried!!


Windshield and Back Glass

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On Aug 9th 2009 (yours truly’s birthday) I had a few friends over for a bar-b-que. Each one got to ride in Evie down the block and back again, for a total of 6 trips. The batteries are still ready for another run. I sent my battery charger to Sacramento for re-calibration. It was set up for 18 8V batteries, and I am using 12 12V batteries. When I get it back I will fully charge the batteries and see what this baby will do. I am wearing a large smile these days just knowing I am so close to seeing a dream become a reality. In case you are wondering what ever became of the two Bradley’s I was using for parts, here is the answer. I gave the rust bucket gray beast to Greg at Bugformance of Stockton as a core for the brand new transmission Evie is sporting now. I asked him at the time if he would let me have parts as needed and he could keep the rest. Well the darn thing sat in his yard for about 1 year I had taken the top and one of the doors off of it and then he finally he sold it or gave it away to a guy named Jon Connolly. He also told Jon about me and that I might have some “spare parts” for a Bradley. I had a whole car (remember the white one I bought for parts?) so I gave him the other Bradley… Actually that is not quite right, we bartered. He is going to paint my car. He has won awards for his paint jobs. I have decided to paint her Wimbledon White with a Blue GT 40 racing stripe. The pictures below were taken on the day I put Evie’s windshield in.
img_1005.JPG img_1007.JPG img_1008.JPGimg_1009.JPG


Today We Ride!!!

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Today August 4th 2009 at 1435 PDT Evie moved on her own power. I threw a seat in her (didn’t even bolt it in and a steering wheel on her (again, no bolt) and started her up and drove her down the driveway and down the street and back. Then I backed her up the driveway and into her stall. I did this a total of two times. It has been a long road to get to this point but we are here. Here are some photos of Evie on her Maiden Voyage Day.
Solo Seating Unbolted Seating Unbolted Steering Tucked In Right Tucked In Left


Battery Guy’s Here!!

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Today I got my batteries. The whole idea of an electric vehicle became very real. The pictures show the placement of the components and the Batteries. I also placed the accelerator actuator and hooked it up to the accelerator pedal.
Tony the Battery Guy Whats under the bonnet? Zivon Battery Charger (I shall call him “Warren”) Accelerator Actuator (say that 5 times fast) Batteries (Right Rear Pack) Batteries (Left Rear Pack) Controller (Not really hooked up) Whats under the bonnet? (front)


Body Gasket and Battery Containment

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Today I started out fitting the right side door and messing with door latches. At about 11 AM I conferred with Dave and we set a Painting Date of May 25 for Evie. I must get her ready for paint between now and then. Jeff came over and we so did Alex. Between the three of us we figured out a great way of installing a body gasket. Dave also had some input and we used Liquid Nails between the chassis and the gasketf, then we put the copper tubing in place and clamped the whole works onto the body. The tubing is only temporary. When I set the body back on “Evie” it will be for good. The battery containment Idea came from my neighbor Bruce. The polypropylene idea was good and if I could weld it better it might work. Bruce’s idea was inexpensive and brilliant. He showed me his boat battery which is the same size as my battery, it is in a molded plastic battery box. The box cost about $7.00, I bought 6 of them. Stay tuned for further updates and have a great Memorial weekend.
Top Left Side Top Right Side Gasket Install Left Gasket Install Right Clamps Evie Hovercraft Battery Containment

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