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I am writing this post from Jamestown, CA. It is Saturday and I… OUI… EVIE and myself, arrived unscathed and without the aid of a flatbed tow truck in Jamestown this afternoon. I left Delhi with 196Ah to attempt a 60mi uphill drive. Oui arrived in Jamestown at 1715hrs PDT with 103.9Ah left in the batteries. Did I mention uphill thats right, there is a 1329ft difference in elevation between my house (elev. 118ft) and Jamestown (elev. 1447ft.) Of course I drove conservatively but I did have my headlights on for the last 15mi. So the way I figure…
196Ah-103.9Ah/60mi=1.535Ah/mi. How did the car perform? I am experiencing vibration and I can’t tell if its the road or the car. The car was able to go 40mi/hr on some of the steeper climbs. This car may not be fast but she climbs like an elevator. This is only the beginning. Yesterday I hooked up my windshield wipers so that they park. They park on the opposite side I had them on so I had to heat them up to orange and bend them the opposite direction and temper the arms in cold H2O so they still have some spring. They look, and more importantly, function great. I am getting the garage ready to bring Otto home from Cars Etc with a new paint job. I have plenty of fresh ideas inspired by my conversing with the folks at EVCCON and Richard at ReFuel. That will be my wintertime project. Now its all about EVIE… Oh and my 50CAL BBM but thats another story.
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Re Wire with Heat

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Ok guys I finally got the heater installed properly and the plenum is in place. The wire harness is installed and anchored in several places. The wires are all labeled and I even found the schematic. I guess I didn’t give it away after all. So onward and upward. I ordered a harness weather kit and when It arrives I will make new connectors for the modified headlight and directional light system. Today I received my PowerLab 6 in the mail and will start bottom balancing my cells while I am working on the wiring. Today of course, I am at work so the balancing act will have to wait until later.

And so I plan… Three battery boxes built for easy access and durability as well as strength. Here is my plan. A lexan box with an aluminum frame riveted to the outside of it. The frame will be built from Aluminum L brackets. My neighbor Willie can weld aluminum so the brackets will be welded. With this setup you will be able to see the batteries and they will be protected. The design is light weight Aesthetically pleasing and durable (have you ever tried to break Lexan?)
I see three arrays of batteries. Two with eight cells each on either side of the motor and one big 26 cell module up front. the most pos and most neg terminals in the pack will be at the very back where they can be easily connected to the controller.
Then there is the speedometer, I have been looking at GPS speedometers and think I have found one suitable for my needs. I found it at the Speedhut
It is very cool and does not require anything additional to work. It comes with everything.
Next on the list is my interior… But that is another story
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Re Wire!

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I guess I found some time after all. I pulled the old wire harness and am preparing to replace it with a new one. The old one was a mess of spagetti and will be replaced with an original wire harness which has never been used. I will still replace the old style stick fuses with the newer blade type fuses. Also I am going to replace the light switch, wiper switch, and emergency light switch with the rocker switches… or maybe I’ll just redesign the whole dash board… Nah! Well it is time to go to work.


It Was the Wascally Wabbit the Whole Time

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I found the proper windshield wiper arms for the Bradley. They were on a 1980 VW Rabbit in a wrecking yard. The cost…10.00 for the pair. Since VW doesn’t make these anymore I felt I got a bargain. Then it was off to the auto parts store for a pair of new blades I assembled everything installed them on the car and tested them… they worked! Then I tested to see if they would park… they do but, the opposite way I want them too. So instead of parking in the down position they park in the up position. I tried moving the arms so that they are in the parked position on the opposite side but the offset of the position of the wiper assembly is such that the arms do not fit properly in that direction. Therefore instead of having one speed windshield wipers that park, I have wired them to be two speeds and I have to park them myself by turning them off at the right moment. The switch is another story. They are no longer manufactured. I have one original Hazard switch and a full set of Bradley switches in a Bradley Body which was meticulously assembled, given to me and that I am keeping for a spare body unless I get a great offer. I have a blue illuminated switch which may work.
I have also discovered where I left my long lost camera. It is in a glove box in a pickup truck which belongs to my friend Jeff. Unfortunately Jeff just moved to San Diego. So I wont get my camera until the 18th when Jeff comes back up to the Central Valley. In the meantime there is still plenty to be done on EV1E.


Two Speed Wipers

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Today I installed the wiper wiring and have only to hook them up to a switch. Tomorrow I am going switch hunting. Perhaps I’ll call Larry.