Keep On Pluggin

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I received my GPS Speedometer from Speedhut. It sure is pretty. I am almost ready to embark on the long ride uphill from Delhi CA to Sonora CA. I only need to finish bottom balancing twenty more cells and then I can charge to a much higher capacity then I have been. In the meantime I am finishing the design of the interior and the process of sealing EVIE up for those colder wetter days. I also received my contactor for my heater which I designed last year. Lots to do and little time to do it. I just keep on pluggin away at it little by little. I am embarking on a new green business soon… watch this blog for further details… I can only say this… It involves Green devices, EV’s, Fairness, Public awareness, and Earthly preparedness. Thats all for now. I will let you know how the Central Valley to Foothills run goes.
If you have any questions or want to make a comment, feel free!
Keep On Pluggin


Wiring, Correcting, and Porsche Seat Brackets

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Hello friends and neighbors, Today we will talk about the cost of errors both in materials and precious time. If you have been keeping up you remember I short changed one of the battery boxes. I am proud to say that this error has been corrected but it took a good hour or so to measure, cut, and glue together the new lexan box. Then Willie the Welder needed to modify his aluminum frames. We only need to add on 3″ to the existing structure. Sounds simple right? Simple if rebuilding half of the battery frame is “simple”. More time… tick tick tick… So what was productive? I figured out the headlight switch and wired the tail lights. I constructed GM style weatherproof connectors for the right and left taillights, headlights, directional lights, potentiometer, and the front and rear wire harness, I also hooked up the ignition switch so that it activates the fuse block. Lots of soldering. What is next? The Porsche 914 seats and brackets, the finishing up of the lighting system, Installing the batteries, Hooking up the DMOC to the DC to DC converter, a maintenance switch, adjust rear brakes, finish bottom balancing, charge and test. Oh I almost forgot… I need to redesign the dash panel. I am going to wait until the ReFuel event is over before I connect my heater. Probably wont need one anyway, its been very hot in California. Only two weeks left tick tick tick…


Re Wire with Heat

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Ok guys I finally got the heater installed properly and the plenum is in place. The wire harness is installed and anchored in several places. The wires are all labeled and I even found the schematic. I guess I didn’t give it away after all. So onward and upward. I ordered a harness weather kit and when It arrives I will make new connectors for the modified headlight and directional light system. Today I received my PowerLab 6 in the mail and will start bottom balancing my cells while I am working on the wiring. Today of course, I am at work so the balancing act will have to wait until later.

And so I plan… Three battery boxes built for easy access and durability as well as strength. Here is my plan. A lexan box with an aluminum frame riveted to the outside of it. The frame will be built from Aluminum L brackets. My neighbor Willie can weld aluminum so the brackets will be welded. With this setup you will be able to see the batteries and they will be protected. The design is light weight Aesthetically pleasing and durable (have you ever tried to break Lexan?)
I see three arrays of batteries. Two with eight cells each on either side of the motor and one big 26 cell module up front. the most pos and most neg terminals in the pack will be at the very back where they can be easily connected to the controller.
Then there is the speedometer, I have been looking at GPS speedometers and think I have found one suitable for my needs. I found it at the Speedhut
It is very cool and does not require anything additional to work. It comes with everything.
Next on the list is my interior… But that is another story
Keep On Pluggin


Re Wire!

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I guess I found some time after all. I pulled the old wire harness and am preparing to replace it with a new one. The old one was a mess of spagetti and will be replaced with an original wire harness which has never been used. I will still replace the old style stick fuses with the newer blade type fuses. Also I am going to replace the light switch, wiper switch, and emergency light switch with the rocker switches… or maybe I’ll just redesign the whole dash board… Nah! Well it is time to go to work.


The Heater Continues

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Yesterday I met with Chad and we bench tested the heater for my car. It was a hack job in that we twisted wires together and set the elements in front of the blower assembly and powered the blower with a battery charger. We powered the elements from the 144VDC main pack. The results were pretty impressive we took measurements and calculated the amperage draw. When Chad left I started building my heater assembly. I had to cut, grind, and fit the elements into place but the result is worth the effort. The accompanying photos show what I mean.


Mirror Moves

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Today I am sitting in a hotel room at the Historic Sonora Inn. My room faces Washington Street and I can hear every car and motorcycle which drives by. I am trying to imagine what it would sound like if all of the cars and bikes were electric. I’ll bet I would be able to hear the birds.
Last night I chaired a meeting for Ca Central Valley Chapter of the Electric Automobile Association. We welcomed another new member and it seems we are getting one new member per meeting. I believe this number will grow exponentially with the price of gas. EV1E is is also growing exponentially. This week I added side rear view mirrors and got to test my windshield wipers in a real time wet environment and I might add they worked perfectly. Still working on the heater. My Idea is to have three circuits. The first one will will operate the blower motor the next one will operate the heater elements and the third one will be for an airflow sensing switch. The blower switch will be an ON OFF ON switch where the top will be high speed and the bottom will be low speed. Of course the center position will be off. The element circuit will be a switch which is connected to a contactor. The contactor activates the element circuit thus allowing 144VDC to go through the ceramic elements. The third circuit is for protection and prevention of meltdown. The airflow sensing device will detect if there is airflow in the duct and if there isn’t will shut the contactor off.


Weekly Journal

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I have decided to keep my blog going and write something at least once per week. EV1E is still on blocks but I am getting closer to a solution for my distance problem with each passing day. I am researching the “Bedini” circuit in conjunction with a generator/motor to extend my range. Today I purchased a Chevy Luv conversion and solar panel array to charge it. I will be picking it up in Mar and will post pictures. It’s “frickin cold” in my shop so I will have to wait until it thaws out a little to do any wrench turning but the research continues. EV1E needs another coat of paint and I have to block sand her. I have chanc\ged my mind on the heater design. I am still going to use the ceramic elements but I am going to use 144V DC to power them.
I will be replacing the wood battery boxes with Aluminum ones and I am still looking for the passenger side window. Does anyone out there know where I can get one? I have an extra windshield I can trade.
Keep On Pluggin


Neccessity, Being the Mother of Invention…

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Today I am working on EV1E’s heater. It is a great time to do this as I can really feel how the heater is going to work in the “Fricken Cold!!!” (thank you Dr Evil) I have taken a page out of Jack Rickard’s book… actually I have completely and unabashedly stolen a great idea he came up with. I went to Walmart and found a ceramic core heater, that was his idea.
It is a nice little 1500 watt personal heater which runs off of 110 VAC, it cost about $30.00 and some change. I plan to use it in conjunction with an inverter which will be hooked up to the aux 12V battery which is being powered by the DC to DC converter which is pulling power off of the pack.
Today I closed off the back hatch closed the doors, and even with 3 windows not installed and in the “fricken cold”, the 1500 w 110VAC seems to be perfectly capable of heating the car to the point where I had to turn it down. My plan is to take the element out of the heater and use the switch and thermostat and install them in the original heater housing and fan setup. This will give me a defroster and heater with climate control… at least that is the plan.