The Zivan Returns

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Last week I told you about the on going issues with my charger. This week I got it back and immediately installed it into the car. Then I tested it, the fans did not come on. I called ELCON and spoke with Rick, he told me to check and make sure the IC chip was fully seated. To do this I had to uninstall the charger and remove the cover of the Zivan… when I did I saw that the chip was not fully seated and I pressed it back into the circuit board. This time when I tested it the fans came on. Simple. I let it charge my pack until it shut off. The measured voltage was 142.2 volts.Better then the 140.6 volts it was set at, but not the 148 Volts I requested. I called Rick back and he had me do a quick tweek on the charger and viola! 148 Volts perfecto!


New Voltage for an Old Zivan

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I spoke with Mark at Elcon yesterday and he said my charger is ready and has been reconfigured to 148V. They couldn’t do anything about the amperage. NEWS Watch For The New Porsche Blog!!!