Memorial Weekend 2012

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Last Wed I finally got my seats. I put the passenger seat in the car and it fit almost perfectly. Fortunately I did not drill holes and bolt it in. When I tried to put the seat in the drivers side it did not fit and, will not fit without a major modification to the pan. I was downhearted. In addition, I noticed the shipping company must have set something heavy on the passenger seat. Further, there must have been something which leaked onto the seat and down to the cushion. More on that later. I decided to try fitting the seats out of the little grey Porsche 914 parts car into EV1E. THEY FIT PERFECTLY! They are light and there is only a small mod I have got to make to use them. I ordered the little seat mount brackets from Pelican Parts. Don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.
The bottom balancing continues. I have completed 11 batteries (only 31 to go.) On a “lighter” note…(pun intended) I went to The Ford dealership in Sonora and spoke with the repair guys in the repair and parts dept. They were extremely helpful in identifying all of the wiring in my light switch. One of the gentleman who sports the same name as me-self, even gave me a printout of the pin locations and a diagram of the headlight system. It seems lately everyone is interested in electric transportation and or knows somebody that is building, or converting or owns an electric vehicle. We’ve come a long way getting the word out since 2008 but still have a long way to go. The Ford guys were great and I promised to drive the car up to Sonora and show it to them when I am finished with the new mods. I want to test drive one of the new electric Focus’s. Next week I will be concentrating on the Battery boxes. EV1E is really coming together.
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New Light Switch, JLD404 Multimeter

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I found the perfect light switch. It is off of a 1996 mercury sable and as you can see will look very cool especially when the padding is in the dash. I also found a very accessible location for my JLD404 Ah meter. I have been bottom balancing batteries since my last post and have finished 6 of them. Only 36 to go. This weekend I am working but I brought some batteries to balance. I set up before I go to work then check on them when I get off work and if it is finished I start another one. The timing is about perfect. Each battery is numbered as it is set up.
Still haven’t received my seats. I am told they will be here soon… Of course I was told they should be here by the 17th, on the 17th. As Tom Petty says “The waiting is the hardest part”


Bottom Balancing Baby!

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The seats havent arrived yet but I have started bottom balancing my batteries. I am starting to understand the equipment I am working with. Why bottom balance instead of using a BMS (battery management system?) BMS’s cause fires… really hot fires… melt the frame of a car, hot fires. Bottom balancing is a process where a load is placed on the battery causing it to discharge to a specific voltage, in my case 2.75VDC, then charging to 3.5VDC. Yes that is correct less then a volt difference. Remember these are 180Ah batteries which means it would take 180 hours to discharge this battery if I was using one amp and it had to discharge 1 Volt. That is density. I have to discharge .75 Volts and I am discharging at 8 amps. Still it will take about 16 hours per battery and I have 42 of them. I am using a powerlab 6 from Revoelectrix so now I am not married to the workbench because the PL6 does everything automatically and requires only a little attention. As you can see I have also been working on the door jams. Since I am going over the car again and improving as I go, I decided that this car needs to be rain resistant. And so EV1E and I continue to improve with age.
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More Components

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I found a pair of Porsche Boxster seats on eBay, which I am going to install in EV1E. I received my 3 way connectors, and went to radio “shay” to get my alligator clips and banana clips for my recently purchased ProLab 6 which I will be using to bottom balance my cells. Mostly this weekend I worked and did stuff for my girlfriend. “Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans” JL
I have been thinking of going to EVCCON this year. EVCCON is a EV convention which was founded by Jack Rickard and Brian Noto of EVTV. I missed last year and I don’t want to miss it this year. This is a quote from Jacks website
“2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention – EVCCON
September 26-30, 2012 – Cape Girardeau Missouri
In September of 2011, 140 Electric Vehicle Conversion enthusiasts and 28 vehicles gathered in Cape Girardeau Missouri for nearly a week of educational sessions, shopwork, autocross and drag races, car shows, and general EV mayhem in what many describe as the best EV convention ever held. We are announcing the dates for the 2nd Annual version of Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention – the EVCCON 2012 for September 26-30. Many of the events will again be held at the hangar at the Cape Girardeau Airport, but the sessions and vendor floor will be in Cape’s own 32,000 square foot Show-Me Center Arena. We are making provisions for as many as 800 attendees and 100 cars.”
I hope we all see each other there!
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More Wiring, Component Placement, Door Seals

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The big news is the wiring for the motor and the controller is almost complete. It is cleaned up considerably. I have a central buss bar for my ground wires and there really isn’t that much to hooking up relays. I moved the charger to the back firewall (if you can call it that) it is now tucked neatly into the back. Everything looks cleaner. The dash board is also being re-designed…more about that later. I have ordered some more weather pack 3 way connectors. I will install those when they arrive. I have been tripping over stuff in my shop and so as to not be one who dismisses hints from the universe, I am spending the rest of the day cleaning up. Oh one more thing, Rigo from American Glass came over and checked out the EV1E’s doors and windows for leaks. He suggested I add some fiberglass strips to the door frames so the doors can be lined up with the gaskets. I looked at it and decided the aluminum would be a better choice as you can see it turned out pretty nice. I will be re-enforcing all of the doors with aluminum. I enjoy working with aluminum but it is a new concept for me. If anyone can make suggestions as to what tools I need… I have totally fried the grinder wheel on my bench grinder. It appears that a lower speed of everything is used because of the lower melting point temp of aluminum.Cutting is a problem but I find shaping fairly easy, a hand file works well for that.
Well the th th thee Thats all folks!
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Operation Cleanup

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This is the DMOC and wire harness… notice anything different? Where are all the wires? If you follow from the DMOC to the back wall you will see a black cable going into the wall through a gland nut. The new location of the DMOC (controller) has advantages. I moved the relay board into the car on the back wall. Actually I have lost the board and opted for a scheme which allows me to place the relay’s closer to where they will be used.

DMOC Connected to the motor

DMOC Connected to the motor


A Combination of the Two

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FIRST thing this morning, I installed the subframe. Eight nuts, twelve washers, Two U bolts, four huge bolts, one jack, two jack stands, three cups of coffee, and a lot of manipulation later, she hangs proudly below the pan with minimal damage to the paint.
I have made another decision based on the fact that the old wire harness just plain has too many unnecessary wires. I will be combining the EZ with the old style harness. I have left the middle harness in tact (the one that goes from the front to the back). I will probably find a use for some of the old engine ignition wires. Although the Bradley wire harness is original, I am carefully dissecting it and grafting it to the newer EZ harness. I have decided to use some more modern technology and research, for example: I am constructing weather proof connectors. They are much more professional looking and function much better then crimping.

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