Re Wire with Heat

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Ok guys I finally got the heater installed properly and the plenum is in place. The wire harness is installed and anchored in several places. The wires are all labeled and I even found the schematic. I guess I didn’t give it away after all. So onward and upward. I ordered a harness weather kit and when It arrives I will make new connectors for the modified headlight and directional light system. Today I received my PowerLab 6 in the mail and will start bottom balancing my cells while I am working on the wiring. Today of course, I am at work so the balancing act will have to wait until later.

And so I plan… Three battery boxes built for easy access and durability as well as strength. Here is my plan. A lexan box with an aluminum frame riveted to the outside of it. The frame will be built from Aluminum L brackets. My neighbor Willie can weld aluminum so the brackets will be welded. With this setup you will be able to see the batteries and they will be protected. The design is light weight Aesthetically pleasing and durable (have you ever tried to break Lexan?)
I see three arrays of batteries. Two with eight cells each on either side of the motor and one big 26 cell module up front. the most pos and most neg terminals in the pack will be at the very back where they can be easily connected to the controller.
Then there is the speedometer, I have been looking at GPS speedometers and think I have found one suitable for my needs. I found it at the Speedhut
It is very cool and does not require anything additional to work. It comes with everything.
Next on the list is my interior… But that is another story
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Re Wire (con’t)

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This is the new old wiring harness. I am going to replace the one I made with this one which was installed in a Bradley which was never finished. The first thing to do is figure out what all these wires are for… anyone out there got a schematic? ;-)


Re Wire!

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I guess I found some time after all. I pulled the old wire harness and am preparing to replace it with a new one. The old one was a mess of spagetti and will be replaced with an original wire harness which has never been used. I will still replace the old style stick fuses with the newer blade type fuses. Also I am going to replace the light switch, wiper switch, and emergency light switch with the rocker switches… or maybe I’ll just redesign the whole dash board… Nah! Well it is time to go to work.


Life’s Unplanned Issues

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Today I was asked to work on my days off. It seems one of our nurses got into an automobile accident (not injured badly) and will be out for a week. I will be filling in. So I guess I will not be doing anything on my car except drawing plans for my battery boxes and researching speedometers, and light weight soundproofing. I will let you know how that goes.


Stripping, Cleaning and Painting

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The sub frame is coming along splendidly. I have stripped it down to the bare metal in some spots cleaned off the rust where necessary and primed painted and inspected it. There are no deformities except where the L bracket under the front battery rack hit the driveway backing out a few times until my friend Tom told me to “make sure one wheel is up the driveway before the other and that way it wont hit like that”. He was right. I will install the subframe next week.


Update On Fund Raising

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My 1955 Les Paul Jr did not sell on ebay and the universe still provided me with the funds to help change the world. Last night I got to play my LP Jr with some friends. Life is good! Thank you Universe!


Lower the Boom!

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Actually I lowered the subframe… Let me start over, I gathered up my battery boxes and weighed them. As you can see in the picture they were made of wood and weighed 55 lbs.
Then I removed the last lead acid battery. As you can see there is a lot of corrosion from the gel battery venting. This battery was only in the vehicle for three years. It was used for my 12 volt accessories in conjunction with a DC to DC converter. Now I am only going to use a DC to DC converter.

But wait theres more! I also lowered, removed and weighed the subframe. It needs to be cleaned up and either powder coated or painted. I thought seriously about losing the subframe but after careful consideration I have decided that the mere 140 lbs weight loss compared to the difference in handling (I would have to put 600 lbs of batteries in the back seat essentially) is not worth the trade off. The subframe hangs below the VW chassis and therefore offers the car a lower center of gravity. I have never had the car go fast enough to check for drift but I have taken it through 25 mph curves at 60 mph and was amazed at the handling capability of the car. Even though she was heavy with lead acid, she performed admirably. If Iose the subframe I would have to install my batteries on the back shelf of the car. This would put them rearward and up above the chassis about one foot to the shelf and another foot for the height of the battery. Thats 600 lbs on a one foot arm compared to 740 with a lower center of gravity then the original car. So I choose the subframe.
After all of that I will replace the wire harness with a better one… but that’s another story.
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Willie’s Bracket

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Today I asked my neighbor Willie if I could pick his brain about welding a shelf for the controller I thought the easiest way would be behind the motor or I could rebuild the original battery shelf which I tore out to make room for the lead acid batteries which I am in the process of replacing with LiFePo4’s. The next thing I know we are measuring and designing a bracket in the space behind the right rear wheel well which the DMOC will sit on and be completely out of the way of the battery packs. Thanks to Willie’s expertise and vision.


She’s Got The Power!!

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Yesterday I loaded my mom and myself into the car and we went on a road trip to Pomona CA. Why Pomona you may ask? Well, Pomona is the home of CALIB USA Where I met Keegan Han and purchased 42 AHA180Ah LiFePo4 cells for my EV1E. Perhaps Disneyland would have been more memorable but it would not have had the same effect on the world. I am going to revamp EV1E and make her a usable vehicle and show her off as a viable means of emission free transportation… Did I mention NO GAS!

This is the configuration which best balances the car. There are 22 in the front and two banks of 10 in the aft section. Next I will check the capacity of each battery while concurrently build my battery boxes out of aluminum and polypropylene. Once that is complete I will tie the entire pack together in parallel and bottom balance the entire pack. There is a lot of work to be done before July 1st.
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