What a Difference a Battery Makes

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Last week at the EAA meeting we had a suprise visitor… By that I mean he wasn’t there for the meeting, he was there to go to a different place in the same strip mall area. Apparently he saw my car in front of our meeting place (Lamp Post Pizza, West Main St, Turlock CA Third Thursday of each month) and ask me if it was electric. Then he said “I’ve got one”, I asked “Where?” to which he replied “In the parking lot. Want to see it?” So we walked out to the parking lot and he showed me a Honda Civic which had been converted and to which he converted the conversion to LiFePo4 batteries. It was beautiful! I asked what the difference in performance is and he said “Hop in, I will show you…” and he did. The first thing I noticed was the noise the tires made as we went from Zero to screeeeech. then I saw that the battery voltage was barely sagging. It turns out that he is heavily invested in the electric car industry and was happy to have bumped into us. We have something to offer each other mutually.
The next thing which happened this week is the universe provided the passenger side window I have been wishing for. Actually it was provided by Larry and his wife Jeanie who came out to CA for Larry to do an install for his computer business and he brought me the window for which I traded him an extra windshield I had. What these pictures depict are the present luan which is the passenger side window fog simulator of an excuse for a window. The other pics show the new window uninstalled and the drivers side window which is original. All in all it was a very productive week.
Did I mention Dave and I retrieved my cars from Stockton? I now have Three of the four 914’s I bought sitting in my driveway? But that is a title page story… www.electricar.us


The Heater Continues

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Yesterday I met with Chad and we bench tested the heater for my car. It was a hack job in that we twisted wires together and set the elements in front of the blower assembly and powered the blower with a battery charger. We powered the elements from the 144VDC main pack. The results were pretty impressive we took measurements and calculated the amperage draw. When Chad left I started building my heater assembly. I had to cut, grind, and fit the elements into place but the result is worth the effort. The accompanying photos show what I mean.