Mirror Moves

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Today I am sitting in a hotel room at the Historic Sonora Inn. My room faces Washington Street and I can hear every car and motorcycle which drives by. I am trying to imagine what it would sound like if all of the cars and bikes were electric. I’ll bet I would be able to hear the birds.
Last night I chaired a meeting for Ca Central Valley Chapter of the Electric Automobile Association. We welcomed another new member and it seems we are getting one new member per meeting. I believe this number will grow exponentially with the price of gas. EV1E is is also growing exponentially. This week I added side rear view mirrors and got to test my windshield wipers in a real time wet environment and I might add they worked perfectly. Still working on the heater. My Idea is to have three circuits. The first one will will operate the blower motor the next one will operate the heater elements and the third one will be for an airflow sensing switch. The blower switch will be an ON OFF ON switch where the top will be high speed and the bottom will be low speed. Of course the center position will be off. The element circuit will be a switch which is connected to a contactor. The contactor activates the element circuit thus allowing 144VDC to go through the ceramic elements. The third circuit is for protection and prevention of meltdown. The airflow sensing device will detect if there is airflow in the duct and if there isn’t will shut the contactor off.


Deck Lid Latch

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On my way home from work I decided to stop by Little Dave’s place and see if I could salvage a switch off of the Bradley. I started to carefully remove the connectors from the switches only to discover that the switches fell apart. I gathered up all of the pieces and put them in my pocket. Then It occurred to me that The whole Instrument panel is held on by four screws. So I removed the instrument panel. I thought maybe I should get some connectors in case I needed them, instead I wound up carefully removing the entire wiring harness…and I didn’t have to cut one wire. Then I while I was under the back of the car removing the wiring harness I noticed the rear deck lid had the bracket and air cylinder I needed so I removed them as well. The rear deck lid stuff is now happily residing on EV1E and the panel is on my bench. The wiring harness is going in EV1E someday…maybe or maybe it will go in the Bradley it came from but for now it is out of the weather and safe in my shop.


It Was the Wascally Wabbit the Whole Time

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I found the proper windshield wiper arms for the Bradley. They were on a 1980 VW Rabbit in a wrecking yard. The cost…10.00 for the pair. Since VW doesn’t make these anymore I felt I got a bargain. Then it was off to the auto parts store for a pair of new blades I assembled everything installed them on the car and tested them… they worked! Then I tested to see if they would park… they do but, the opposite way I want them too. So instead of parking in the down position they park in the up position. I tried moving the arms so that they are in the parked position on the opposite side but the offset of the position of the wiper assembly is such that the arms do not fit properly in that direction. Therefore instead of having one speed windshield wipers that park, I have wired them to be two speeds and I have to park them myself by turning them off at the right moment. The switch is another story. They are no longer manufactured. I have one original Hazard switch and a full set of Bradley switches in a Bradley Body which was meticulously assembled, given to me and that I am keeping for a spare body unless I get a great offer. I have a blue illuminated switch which may work.
I have also discovered where I left my long lost camera. It is in a glove box in a pickup truck which belongs to my friend Jeff. Unfortunately Jeff just moved to San Diego. So I wont get my camera until the 18th when Jeff comes back up to the Central Valley. In the meantime there is still plenty to be done on EV1E.


Two Speed Wipers

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Today I installed the wiper wiring and have only to hook them up to a switch. Tomorrow I am going switch hunting. Perhaps I’ll call Larry.


Safety Should Be Loud

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Today I did a safety check on my wiring harness. Then I connected the rest of my interior dash lights and my turn signal indicator lights and tested the system. I must say that I am a musician and appreciate a good rhythm. EV1E has rhythm! When the directional lights are engaged she sounds like a metronome. Next I will secure the wire harness and hook up my windshield wipers.