Interior Lighting -OR- Yes, Ground Wires are Filled with Smoke Too

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Today I set out to accomplish two main goals. The first goal is to set up a central ground terminal so I have ground within reach of my fiberglass dashboard. The second goal is to hook up the dash lights. Both goals were accomplished. The ground terminal I found is the same kind you would use for your house wiring. By installing this terminal I have already eliminated a number of wires. I hooked up the dash lights to the light switch and they work. This I am thrilled about because I have had to use my cell phone at night to see how fast I was going. While I was in wiring mode… I decided to hook up my last gauge, the volt meter which tells me the status of my 12 Volt accessory battery and my DC to DC converter. I found a wire coming from my fuse panel titled “Gauges” and used that for my hot lead. everything worked flawlessly until I attempted to tuck some wires to close the instrument panel. That is when the main headlight connector shook hands with the small ground wire I used for the tiny incandescent lights in the dash. The result as you might guess was all of the smoke that was previously contained in the little ground wire was released like a Genie out of a bottle the wire turned bright orange. There was no damage to the big headlight wire. I fixed the damaged ground wire, tested the system and all is bright for EV1E’s future.


Lights Action and Something You Should Know About Flashers and LED’s

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So there I was with a complete assembled headlight circuit outside of the car, trying to see if I had hooked something up wrong. The moment of truth. I had the directional light going on the left side and now I was going to turn on the headlights to see if the directional lights would quit flashing AGAIN! For the last year this has been a problem. Not a huge problem since I didn’t drive at night much, never the less an ahem…. opportunity to see what kind of a trouble shooter I was. And now I was about to find out. Just flip the switch and… no wait there is no switch. Just touch the wire to the battery and… Looking over my shoulder towards the back of the car I could see the reflection of the corvette style LED tail lights we custom installed. One flash and… steady red light… the same thing on the right side. Just like when the headlight circuit is actually installed in the car. Good news! I didn’t hook up the lights wrong.
I kept going back to the flasher. I bought an electronic one for the LED’s. Finally I called my friend Little Dave. We went over every step I had taken and since Little Dave and I (mostly him) hooked up my signal stat we had common ground to converse and bounce ideas. Finally he came to the same conclusion I had. It must be the flasher, but why? Dave said, before you go out and get another flasher try putting a small incandecent light in the signal circuit. so I did… AND IT WORKED! So now the little incandecent bulbs in my indicator lights are what make the circuit work. LED’s don’t draw very much current that is why you have to use an electronic flasher. What I didn’t know however is electronic flashers require a certain amount of current to activate. There just wasn’t enough resistance in the circuit. It only took a very small incandecent light bulb but it does show how LED’s are very efficient as a light source.


A Little Late and a Little Early

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Hello, Today’s quiz is “What is the deal with that title?”, “A Little late and a little early?” You see earlier I stated I would try to write every week. Well I am a little late… although it is technically the next week it is Sunday and I stated that on a Wed or Thur (I can’t remember). This week was eventful. I drove down to Maricopa CA, two weeks “early” to retrieve the Electric LUV. She is sitting in my driveway as I write this. I am having a difficult time with EV1E. Or I should say with EV1E’s brake lights. I will resolve the issue today though. I put a new sliding window on the passenger’s side so that more air can circulate. I still haven’t found the passenger side door window so I modified a piece of clear Lexon for the window. I will post pictures so that you can see the progress. I am still block sanding the paint. as there were quite a few fish eyes in it. In the meantime now is a great time to drive her.
I heard some sobering news on NPR. Scientist are now saying that global warming is here and we are past the point of no return. I believe we are in for a very hot future. There are people though who don’t believe what scientist have been telling them for the last 40 or so years, why would they believe them now? Even as they watch in disbelief the fertile valley’s turn to deserts and the seven seas rise and the populations become displaced… are you listening now Rush BFFI mouthpiece for lunatics and haters Limbaugh? Hey GM, how about an electric vehicle which doesn’t require GAS! Nissan, Tesla, Your the tops! If we really want to change the way of thinking about transportation though, we need to get butts in seats of electric vehicles. We need to have an economy electric vehicle. It is possible, Hell I built one using retail parts for $17,000. Surely the major manufacturer’s can come up with a economical solution with all of there contacts and previous experience for much less money. Maybe they can come up with a hover craft to replace the mommy van so that we can take our kids to school in the new climate which they don’t believe is here. OK, maybe it isn’t as bad as all that… call me a cockeyed optomist, but I think we could at least try to change our ways. If we don’t we are sure to parish. If we do… who knows, maybe we can reverse it. We may still parish, but at least we tried!!


Some Changes in Format

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Anyone interested enough to read this weekly blog, should also check out Jack, Brian, and Mat on www.EVTV.me
I have learned many things from Jack’s show and I love the fact that we now have a valuable resource for educating ourselves through the EVTV team’s knowledge and experimentation. The EVTeam has built 2 Porsche Speedsters, Modified a van, converted a Mini Cooper, and have set up a test bench for their upcoming project, a Cadillac Escolade Conversion. Check it out. As for EV1E… still up on blocks. But the weather is changing and I will be able to work in my now freezing shop again soon.
I have recently purchased 22 Solar panels which I will be mounting on my south facing roof. I also have purchased a converted Electric Chevy LUV pickup. Delivery will be around the 23 of mar. You can follow my progress on www.electricar.us
I will be updating the Electric LUV for daily use. I will also be using this blog for documenting the progress of all of my EV projects not just the Bradley. Well that’s it for now. Please Keep On Pluggin