Weekly Journal

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I have decided to keep my blog going and write something at least once per week. EV1E is still on blocks but I am getting closer to a solution for my distance problem with each passing day. I am researching the “Bedini” circuit in conjunction with a generator/motor to extend my range. Today I purchased a Chevy Luv conversion and solar panel array to charge it. I will be picking it up in Mar and will post pictures. It’s “frickin cold” in my shop so I will have to wait until it thaws out a little to do any wrench turning but the research continues. EV1E needs another coat of paint and I have to block sand her. I have chanc\ged my mind on the heater design. I am still going to use the ceramic elements but I am going to use 144V DC to power them.
I will be replacing the wood battery boxes with Aluminum ones and I am still looking for the passenger side window. Does anyone out there know where I can get one? I have an extra windshield I can trade.
Keep On Pluggin