Neccessity, Being the Mother of Invention…

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Today I am working on EV1E’s heater. It is a great time to do this as I can really feel how the heater is going to work in the “Fricken Cold!!!” (thank you Dr Evil) I have taken a page out of Jack Rickard’s book… actually I have completely and unabashedly stolen a great idea he came up with. I went to Walmart and found a ceramic core heater, that was his idea.
It is a nice little 1500 watt personal heater which runs off of 110 VAC, it cost about $30.00 and some change. I plan to use it in conjunction with an inverter which will be hooked up to the aux 12V battery which is being powered by the DC to DC converter which is pulling power off of the pack.
Today I closed off the back hatch closed the doors, and even with 3 windows not installed and in the “fricken cold”, the 1500 w 110VAC seems to be perfectly capable of heating the car to the point where I had to turn it down. My plan is to take the element out of the heater and use the switch and thermostat and install them in the original heater housing and fan setup. This will give me a defroster and heater with climate control… at least that is the plan.