Sweep The Problem Under The Rug…

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The entities which have control of where I can park my car are now telling me, through a third party, that I can no longer step foot in their facility. I have not been given an explanation for no longer being able to work there, but this means that my hours have, in effect, been cut in half.

We are in a time when alternative energy should be embraced and not feared. The Senate just passed a bill, which President Obama signed, that will reduce greenhouse emissions by letting people work at home through telemeetings and telework.

This fight that I am going through is petty on the Juvenile Justice Facilites’ part. Sooner or later, the responsible parties making future decisions concerning policies for accommodating ZERO emission vehicles are going to have to face the fact that alternative energy is here to stay.

The major auto manufacturers have taken a giant step forward and will be putting plug in hybrid electric and pure electric vehicles on the market for purchase as early as this year. What are the Counties throughout the nation going to do when there are more people driving these amazing Zero emission vehicles? Are they going to say “you can’t park that here, you need to go spend $4.00 gal on gas and pollute the air to work here.” Of course not.

Well, I didn’t expect to have to fight for the right to drive an electric vehicle AND be able to work. I am a Veteran of two foriegn wars and am willing to fight for those in the land of the free to plug in.

To Be Continued…


Narrow Minded People

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I built a car and now I am in a conflict with the County. Not the entire County just the entities which control where I can park my car at work. The Merced Sun Star wrote an article about it. Lets hear what you have to say. Follow this link to read the article http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2010/07/13/1493067/not-everyone-charged-up-about.html