EV1E’s Home

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This is great! I drove her home, drove her to the store, drove her to band practice and didn’t use one drop of gasoline. She is really starting to look like a real car. Check out the photos…


Ghost EV1E

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EV1E looks marvelous! She is in her ghost state and is awaiting the glass guy. Wed I will pick her up for testing. Enjoy the pics


May’s Gonna Be Great!

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OK here is the latest. I will get Ev1e back from Cars etc. next week (after Wednesday) and I have some work to do before I get the interior done. The first thing is moving the wheels out so that they fit in the wheel wells properly. The next is…Performance. The fastest I have been able to go so far is 58 mph. This car is supposed to be able to go 90 mph I have been in touch with the folks at Azure and they sent me some parameter settings for a DMOC capture. I will be running some driving test and sending them the results. They will then send me the proper settings to make my car Go go go! Then I will get the interior done. Here are some more pics of EV1E’s progress. The changes are subtle but definite.