Last Days of Jan 2010

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Hi All! I felt the need to give an update on the slow progress of EV1E. This month we started to prep her for paint and lo, the water came pouring down for quite a few days here in the valley. So while I was waiting I ordered a fiberglass piece which I have cut and am mounting in the back of EV1E to change the tail lights to round LEDs. The results will be stunning. I also did a warranty exchange on my ammeter gauge. The exchange went without flaw. Now that the weather is improving I will be finishing up EV1E cosmetically. I will also seal her for running all seasons


Prepping for Paint

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EV1E Before Paint

EV1E Before Paint

Hey check out EV1E! Thats Jon with his handy dandy oscillating sander. (I am the one holding the camera) we are preparing EV1E for paint.


Happy New Year 2010

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Here is the update. On Dec 20 EV1E was registered (Thanks again Sharon and Crystal), on Dec 31st I received the title in the mail. Although she runs, I am still working on her. I have been making little trips to the store and into town with her. Cosmetically she needs work and I need to do a little more tweeking on the mechanical side and some on the program which makes her run. Improvements in performance etc. All in all though, she is a really good car.