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Rendering 1
According to CA state vehicle regulations, in order to register Evie, I have to have bumpers mounted on Evie. I have come up with a suitable design for Evie’s rear but I am having difficulty with the idea of punching a hole in the sculpted front end which I worked so hard to create. The rendering is what i feel the rear bumpers will look like. the design is simple. two vertical steel sheets, shaped, and with sheets of recycled rubber laminated in between them. Two bolts or rivets to hold them together and welded on two 1.25″ square steel tubes which slip into the sub frame and are pinned like a trailer hitch. As far as the front goes…
Rendering 2… your guess is as good as mine.


A short little jaunt

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Yesterday and the day before I made two seperate trips, respectively. On sunday after I bolted in the drivers seat and secured the steering wheel properly, I drove approx 3mi one way, to my local Napa Auto Parts Store. I discovered that they close at 4PM on Sundays so I turned around and went home. The nice thing about driving EVIE which I noticed immediately is that when I let my foot off of the accelerator the state of charge gauge pegged above 100% which means that during that period of time, when I am using the inertia from the weight and velocity of EVIE, I am charging my batteries. When I got home I checked my state of charge and it appeared I only used about 10%. I did notice some brake noise during the trip, so I adjusted the brakes and tried again the next day. This time when I got back I had only used 7%. Both times I put the charger on the car and both times it took approx 2 hours to fully charge. While I was at Napa on Monday, a man named Jason, who was very interested in Evie informed me that CA law requires that I have bumpers. He told me about a Baja which he built and was told he needed bumpers. He told me about the design he used and it sounds perfect for EVIE. I will be posting a sketch of this design for all to peruse.
Until then… Back to the drawing board


Gauges and More Wires

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Key OFF Hi all! Today was spent trying to figure out why my ammeter wasn’t working properly. After consulting with the folks at Electro Automotive (Gary Snyder, Bill Lentfer) we determined that I may have the wrong type of shunt for my system. A shunt is a device which when hooked up to the main pack allows a small amount of voltage to be used for the “calibrated”gauge. This allows me to use small wires to the gauge instead of big battery cables. Since I have regenerative braking I have to have a shunt that allows current to flow in both directions. I am not real sure of the structure of the shunt but I think it runs by Thermal Dynamics, metallurgy and some kind of magic incantation. So once I realized that i was not going to fix that one today, I moved on.
My next task was to hook up the “State of Charge” gauge. This went flawlessly since, I already ran the wires when I made the loom which runs from my relay board to the front of the car. lastly I hooked up the DC/DC converter. This device acts like an alternator on a car, When the key is on it pulls juice uniformly from the main pack and uses it to charge the auxiliary 12V battery. After I got it all hooked up I put my volt meter leads on the aux batt and it read 12.42V, then I activated the DC/DC by turning on the key. When I measured this time it read 13.55V. This told me the DC/DC converter was charging the aux batt. The only pics I took today were of the State of Charge gauge.
Key ON


Lights, Action… Rolling

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Headlights img_1100.JPG img_1101.JPG
I thought I would shed some light on this post… But seriously folks… (rim shot) I spent the day creating looms of wire and fortifying my installation. I have to hook up a horn, Bolt in the seats, figure out a latch for the hood, hook up the DC/DC converter, Install the Battery charger. I also want to get and laser accurate 4 wheel alignment.I have been up since 0430 this morning, it is now 2225 that’s 18 hrs. I will write more when I am more coherent.
Keep On Pluggin’


Tail lights, Directional lights, Brake lights,

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The really interesting thing about building an electric car is the wire harnesses. They are relatively small in comparison to an ICE vehicle. For example there are only three wires coming from the back of Evie to operate the the directional, Brake, and tail lights. Don’t get me wrong, there are many wires in an electric car, its just that the twelve volt system in an electric car eliminates the entire starting, and ignition system which uses some pretty heavy duty wires. Just an observation… I have been pretty busy working on Evie since the last entry. These are some photos which i promised earlier. The foam will be shaped and covered with fiberglass the same way the dam on the front was constructed. Since Dave picked up the front of the car by the dam when we flipped it I feel very assured that this is a strong and light weight means of attaching the top to the body. I have been charging my batteries and keeping them fresh. The charger is not mounted yet but it seems to work just fine. I purchased a pair of SAE approved directional lights for the headlight assembly. The lenses which were manufactured by Eddie at Sew Creative in Turlock CA, are just sitting on there. Eddie will make the final tweek when he does the interior. I am waiting on my light switch and i can finish the lights and get my brake and light certificate. Notice I moved the brake reservoir so that I could actually use it. Before, it was neatly tucked in the space under the lip of the hood. Looked great but in order to remove the cap you had to take the mounting screw out of the bracket and move the reservoir out and away from the lip, then remove the lid trying to keep the brake fluid from spilling and… It was a bad idea. I moved it so that i could just walk up and remove the cap to check the fluid level. The last picture is yet another front view of Evie. After Evie is registered, I will do some test runs with her and fix her up as I go along. After all this is a one off vehicle which I plan to keep and use as a daily driver.
img_1049.JPG img_1060.JPG img_1078.JPG Green Means GO! img_1083.JPG img_1084.JPG img_1085.JPG img_1088.JPG img_1090.JPG img_1093.JPG


Harnessing Her Nerve Center

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Over the last two days I have been designing and building a suitable wiring harness for Evie. So far I have Designed the harness, Designed and assisted in welding a bracket for the 12 V accessory battery. Installed the bracket, Installed headlamps, installed taillights, figured out how to make the parking lights, headlights, taillights, directional lights, brake lights, and marker lights all work. I also now have a license plate light. Jim Cullen (you all remember Jim Cullen, from Ed Begley’s Bradley) Jim told me the proper way to glass the top to the body. I have to move the brake reservoir, it was originally mounted in a very inaccessible spot. Oh and I almost forgot, I charged the batteries to full and drove Evie around the block… Wow!!! This little car has some pep. I will be posting more pictures soon. Thank you for reading
Keep On Pluggin’