OK, Here is the Scoop

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There I was… Alright, Here is what happened. Way back when, when I received my DMOC in the mail, I simultaneously received an email with attachments. One of the attachments was a backup copy of the .par file which was loaded into my DMOC prior to delivery.
When the motor did not operate properly I was asked to send to Electro Automotive the .par file I received from Azure. So I sent them the backup copy that azure sent me. After analyzing the .par file, the team at Electro Automotive determined that the parameters on the .par file were correct. Back to the drawing board…
What we still hadn’t determined (and just assumed) was that the backup copy which Azure sent me was in fact, what was actually loaded in my DMOC. This was not the case. What was actually loaded in my DMOC was a .par file for a 336V system. As Gary (Gary Snyder) said “it’s a wonder the motor worked at all” Once this discovery was made it was just a simple matter of loading the “backup” .par file I was sent into the DMOC. After that I only had to save the file to the non-volatile memory. The process took about 9min.


Yip, Yip, Yipeeee!

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The motor runs and it sounds like a fu#kin jet engine! Awsome


Gary Called…

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Gary from Electro Automotive e-mailed me today and said he was going to send a follow up email to Azure. There is one person ahead of me apparently. I am going to go out on a limb here and give my theory.

This setup was originally designed to be run off of 18 8V Flooded Batteries.

I changed the battery configuration to 12 12V Gel filled batteries because of weight constraints and maintenance considerations.

The 18 8V Batteries have more current

The DMOC is programmed for the amperage provided by the 18 8V batteries and therefore expecting that amount of current

It just seems to make sense…to me…somehow.


Heard From Electro Automotive

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Spin This
Today I received a phone call from Gary Snyder and he asked me to send another capture with an additional parameter. I did and also included a Quicktime Movie of the capture. Just click on “Spin This” and you can see the movie. I takes awhile to download so just hang in there. While your waiting you will be able to sample some of the feelings I am having while this thing gets solved. Now the Electro Automotive, and the Azure Team’s can scratch they’re collective heads as much as I have been scratching mine… The ball is in their court… again we wait…


Happy Birthday America! God Bless The World

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Still waiting…