Oh Man! Just When It Looked Within Reach…

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Check this out. The picture your looking at is of the plug which plugs into the DMOC (remember the one with all those wires), Notice pin 3 does not have a wire in it. Imagine my surprise when the schematic called for the wire from pin three! anyway we’ve come a very long way on the car since the 15th but I will not be able to reach my goal of being “operational” by the 31st. I sent the old one back today (wire harness) and should receive a replacement next week. At least we were able to hook up the high voltage system and check the voltages at my test points. I’ve also included a picture of the relay board we designed.
Number three? Relay Board


What a Goal, What a Day

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Today and tonight we Tied up many loose ends. Jeff fabricated the lower rear body brace which will assist in keeping Evie’s butt from sagging. But we also hooked up the pack and got High voltage to the DMOC, In addition we fabricated a central control board and mounted it in the motor area behind and to the left of the DMOC. This control board has most of the relays. The Idea is to keep all of the wiring and relays in a location where, when it becomes necessary to change the pack, we will be able to do it without having to take the car apart again. The first and second pictures show the before and after hook-up of the DMOC. The next picture is Jeff displaying his newly fabricated “Anti Saggy Butt Bar” The fourth picture is of my girlfriend Belia, who came over and helped out with fabricating the jumpers used in the main battery pack. The last one I am checking the output voltage in the front pack. Tomorrow we see how the motor turns.
DMOC Before Hook-up High Voltage Baby! Jeff at the Bar Belia Output Voltage (better get some gloves)


Wires Galore

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So what do you expect from an electric vehicle, chopped liver? I was going to connect everything yesterday and suddenly realized I had the wrong map! The book I am using was written some years ago and has some very excellent information in it as to the basics of conversion, wiring, and safety, but it was targeted for a DC system and I am wiring an AC system. I spoke to the folks at Electro Automotive and they immediately responded by sending me a color schematic of how to wire an AC system. The color wires in the photos depict the wires coming out of the DMOC (controller) can you imagine trying to figure where these go without the proper map?
Harness from DMOC Oh Wow!


Battery Guy’s Here!!

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Today I got my batteries. The whole idea of an electric vehicle became very real. The pictures show the placement of the components and the Batteries. I also placed the accelerator actuator and hooked it up to the accelerator pedal.
Tony the Battery Guy Whats under the bonnet? Zivon Battery Charger (I shall call him “Warren”) Accelerator Actuator (say that 5 times fast) Batteries (Right Rear Pack) Batteries (Left Rear Pack) Controller (Not really hooked up) Whats under the bonnet? (front)


No Pics Today Too Hot

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It is blistering in the valley. I have done some work on the battery Boxes and the shelf to mount the Controller we decided not to paint until later. The goal is to make her operational. I can make her pretty later.


Battery Boxes and a Surprise

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Since the batteries will be here the day after tomorrow, I decided to create a place for them so I don’t spend days tripping over them. The previous boxes were a good idea if the body was off of the chassis but with those boxes secured to the chassis, there was no way of placing the batteries into the boxes. This is what I came up with, sort of a Chinese puzzle. Since the batteries are Gel filled I do not have to worry about acid spills. I thought about setting the batteries on there side before but now the practicallity of that idea is real. I built these boxes in two parts. Part A. is the base and holds two batteries (on they’re sides) Part B. is the lid to part A and has a battery box on top of it. The idea is to be able to load the batteries as easily as possible and yet have them contained in a firm manner. The surprise is, I started placing all of the equipment in “Evie” to see how it all fits. Surprisingly, there are only three major items to place. They are The AC controller, the on board charger, and the DC to DC converter. The AC controller is the big box in the first and second pictures.
Azure Dynamics Controller img_0856.JPG Battery Boxes and Zivan Charger Battery Boxes Right Side DC to DC

Headlight Prep 7 Days Left

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Will he make it? Today I worked on the prep and painting of the headlights. This Photo shows the left one done. I had some fiberglass stuff to do to the right one so while it was drying my body said NAP, NOW! and that’s what I did. One has to listen to ones body’s little signals or one may HAVE to listen to ones body’s signals. I have been pushing pretty hard to get this done. Here is a photo of this mornings work.
Evie with Mascera


Body Bolted 8 Days Left!

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I am happy to say the the body is permanently attached to the chassis. The first picture shows the body gasket once the copper tubing was removed. The rest are just cool “Evie” pictures.
Ready for Body Firmly Attached Attachment


Body Gasket and Battery Containment

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Today I started out fitting the right side door and messing with door latches. At about 11 AM I conferred with Dave and we set a Painting Date of May 25 for Evie. I must get her ready for paint between now and then. Jeff came over and we so did Alex. Between the three of us we figured out a great way of installing a body gasket. Dave also had some input and we used Liquid Nails between the chassis and the gasketf, then we put the copper tubing in place and clamped the whole works onto the body. The tubing is only temporary. When I set the body back on “Evie” it will be for good. The battery containment Idea came from my neighbor Bruce. The polypropylene idea was good and if I could weld it better it might work. Bruce’s idea was inexpensive and brilliant. He showed me his boat battery which is the same size as my battery, it is in a molded plastic battery box. The box cost about $7.00, I bought 6 of them. Stay tuned for further updates and have a great Memorial weekend.
Top Left Side Top Right Side Gasket Install Left Gasket Install Right Clamps Evie Hovercraft Battery Containment


Roof Locked and Loaded… 10 days left

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Today I spent the day fastening down the Roof (carefully with out changing the door fit. The guy in the picture is Alex. He is the newest member of team “Evie”. He helped me with right side door adjustments. I worked most of the day with a pounding headache. I have to learn to quit celebrating every victory, it really slows down the process.
Evie Team Member Alex img_0832.JPG

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