Happy Anniversary!

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It has been one year since the The California Air Resources Board Voted for me to build an electric car… Lets review. The big 3 auto industry was not helped by the decision as hoped. Tesla however is still on track in spite of the decision CARB made last year. We have voted out the money grubbing, war waging greed mongers. In desperation for an identity, Rush Limbaugh has become the voice of the Republican Party (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha). We have voted in a man with a vision, intelligence, fortitude, and a realistic plan…Finally! As for the car, The chassis is 98% finished, The body is 50% finished, and I have all of the Parts to finish the entire unit. I have had some wonderful support from friends and family and would now like to thank them.
Thank You
Don and Dolores Bush
Belia Hawkins
Joel Hawkins
Tom Ceirante
Dave Haggland
Greg Hawkins of Bugformance of Stockton
Mike and Sheri of Electro Automotive
Jim Cullen
Sean Ryan
Ken Henn
All of the kids across the street
My dog Molly, and her cats, Manx, Tiger, El Sluggo, TC, and Sable

I truly value your love and, the support you have shown throughout this process so far. Thank You from the deepest of my feelings. “Keep On Pluggin”


A Chip Off the Ol’ Block

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I would like to say a word or two about moldless composite construction… The bead I mixed to glue the top onto the body was composed of West Systems Epoxy, cotton micro fibers, and glass bubbles for smoothness and thickness. Once this mixture was in place and dry it was firm and held the top in a permanent fashion. In order to remove the top I literally had to chisel the Ol’ Topper off (with a hammer and chisel), then sand smooth to prepare the car for the replacement. As I stated previously, I will be using the top and doors from the Donor car. I have totally forgiven the Grey Beast for mangling my hands. All wounds heal. I hope the merger of the two vehicles will be a harmonious one.


The Grey Beast rises again

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Well after glassing the top on, I attempted to fit the doors. They wouldn’t line up properly. (They have never lined up properly) I went to Bugformance of Stockton and and asked Greg if I could use one of the doors off of the “Grey Beast” He agreed and I attempted to fit the door . It too wouldn’t fit The problem seems to be only on one side. The solution… I am going to use the top and door assy from the donor car. This should solve the problem. Just to remind you, here’s a photo of the donor car.
gtebradley-002.jpg gtebradley-012.jpg


Choppin The Toppin

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Today I started by fitting the top properly using a rasp and my eyes. Notice in the first photo the difference in height between the right and left rear sunroof post. This was caused by one of the previous owners piling fiberglass cloth in the channel which the “roll bar” sits in and inefficiently applying resin. Upon figuring this out, I removed the cloth from the partially glassed channel and sanded the rest smooth. Once I was satisfied with the fit and the look, I glued the top on with a mixture of epoxy and cotton flox. Finally I glassed over the fillet I made. Note the more streamlined look then in the prevous entry.
img_0491.JPG img_0528.JPG


Another Fine Fitting

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Today I took the body out into the sunshine and washed it. Then I sanded the body and started to get the top ready to be glassed on. Some kids came over and were curious about the car so I put them to work. We moved the body to the frame. I wanted to see how the body fits with all of the modifications I made. I like it alot.
img_0477.JPG img_0478.JPG img_0479.JPG img_0480.JPG img_0481.JPG


Dreams to Reality

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img_0455.JPG img_0457.JPG img_0466.JPG img_0468.JPG img_0470.JPG img_0471.JPG
I had a little time before work and I decided to put some pieces of the puzzle together and see how we look so far…”Looking Good!” My next big project is to glass the top on. Then I wll tackle the headlights.


How to turn a car over (when all your friends are at work)

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The Idea
Well today is Thursday and I have the day off. Now what kind of innovative trouble can I get myself into? That was the question I asked myself this morning as I was staring at my car upside down on saw-horses. Thats when I got the idea. Lets see if I can turn this puppy over without damaging it. I looked around the shop for a way to do it, then I just jumped in and did it.
img_0424.JPG img_0425.JPG img_0426.JPG img_0427.JPG

img_0429.JPG img_0430.JPG Just as I thought things were going great, a couple of inspectors appeared out of nowhere and I had to wait while they checked for stress cracks.
img_0431.JPG img_0433.JPG

Having survived the microscopic eye of the inspectors, I bid them farewell and preceded with the flip. (I have a feeling I'll be seeing them again) I put the saw horses under the braces to keep the weight off of the fender flares and I placed poly urethane foam under the two spots which still touched the ground to disperse the weight. Since the saw-horses are on wheels, it was just a matter of pushing the body from the side to get the weight to shift and the car was lowered the opposite side from which it was raised.
img_0437.JPG img_0438.JPG
Then I got this great idea…


Sanding, sanding…and more sanding

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As the excess goop comes off, a front end is starting to emerge. I have been investigating fillers to finish it. So far it looks as though Bondo would be a poor choice. I guess Ill have to mix my own filler from epoxy micro-spheres and cotton flux. In the meantime….
img_0408.JPG img_0411.JPG img_0414.JPG img_0416.JPG