Glass Touches

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Hello again. Well it is Mon and I have had a very productive weekend. The first picture in this set shows the glass bottom before I trimmed it. Upon trimming I discovered there were some spots in the lamination which needed some attention. I mixed up some micro and epoxy and fixed the problem areas. I think this might turn out OK. Not bad for my first attempt at moldless sandwich composite construction.


Glassin’ with Class

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Hey there,
Just thought you might like to see my “Art Project”. The pictures show the final shaping of the core form all the way to the the first two glass lay-ups. The round items are the radius objects. I used these objects by wrapping sandpaper around them to form “designer sanding blocks” for the shape (Note the sandpaper wrapped around the PVC pipe) I did the same for all of the radius objects and used them as needed. My plan is to build this shape as you would a trailing edge of a wing or aileron as described in Burt Rutan’s book. I hope to apply a top layer (bottom?) and flair out the excess fiberglass. It will be strengthened with microfibers.
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Shape, Shape, Shape

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Shaping the dam requires wood tools and a lot of patients. I’ve got her almost where I want her.
Well that’s it for now, I will keep you posted. Thank you for stopping by.


Foaming At The Front… or Dam, Dam Dam

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This is where art and auto body come together. So I had my mold and I acquired my two part foam and went to work.
It was necessary to use a lot of duct tape to seal the cardboard (which I found out later) to keep the liquid foam from dripping onto the garage floor. The pic shows the first phase of “Dam” construction.
Actually, This is technically the second phase. Note the clean cut top, that was done with a hand saw


A Better Idea

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After reading Rutans book on composite sandwich construction, It occurred to me that I could use this method to build an air dam for the front of the car. I got some cardboard and duct tape and went to work. I decided to use two part liquid foam which expands 40X its original “wet size”. This is a picture of what I thought the form would look like. I took some measurements and formulated an idea. This is a dry run to see if the Idea was feasible. Later I will sand the area down past the gel coat and set up this form for the “wet” run.


Work Your Body

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Well the weather is finally getting warm and I have taken advantage of it. I have had some set backs recently which have slowed down progress. The most challenging is “My Jaguar blew a head gasket”
I consider myself a fairly good mechanic but, for the amount of money and time it takes to pull the head on a Jag, I decided to get a smaller car and take the pressure off of me to fix my Jag immediately. So I bought a well maintained Fiero for $500.00 and that is now my “Modis transportation” Now I can go to work and I have a car to get me through the transition from the ICE age to ZEVana. Plus a bonus of having a car with conversion potential.

Oooo c-o-n-v-e-r-s-i-o-n p-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l…

…Back to the Bradley
The pic is of the left support in the aft of the vehicle (the body is upside down) I cut away a great portion and am going to use these as semi templates and cut some new ones out of marine grade plywood and attach them to the body using the Rutan fillet method thus giving them more strength, they will then be covered with glass.
Bracing for the future