New AC Motor

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Motor with ring assy img_0121.JPG
Today I received my new Azure Dynamics brushless AC motor and controller. They came in two big boxes. One of the boxes weighed 100lbs the other weighed 32lbs. I immediately put the 100lbs box on my work bench and opened the box around the motor.
Installing motor and clutch assy Bolted to Transaxle assy Front view
The first picture shows the installation process for the AC 24. It only weighed about 100lbs and I was able to lift it by rigging up a lift with a “come along”. The next two photos are two different views of the motor and clutch assy installed.


Photo Op day

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Evie, Mark  & T-BirdClassy ChassisLeft rearI have been spending most of my time in the learning curve. The fiber glass and body work learning curve. It was such a nice sunny day though, I decided to wheel the chassis out of the garage so that you can see the progress. These pics were taken by a professional videographer who happened to drop by. That’s me in the photos. Oh and yes, you noticed correctly, the front brake lines are missing in this photo. I have decided to replace them with the stainless steel woven ones.

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