Stockton Fitting

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Front Battery RackRear Battery Racks I drove up to Stockton today and we (Greg & I ) attached the sub frame to the frame. Greg modified the original design by using saddles and bolts to hold the frame to the chassis in the front instead of u-bolts, and u-bolts on the rear of the sub frame/chassis assembly. In these photos we were checking the fit, The sub frame is being held up by two jacks, while we check the location of the rear brackets which will have the u-bolts.
In the following photos you can see the brackets were moved and welded. We then attached the sub frame to the chassis. The nuts in the photo will be replaced with Nylock Nuts during final assembly and those u-bolts holding up the back sub frame will be replaced with 3/8″ u-bolts.
Front Left Saddle and Bolt AssemblyFront Right Saddle and Bolt AssemblyTemporary U-Bolts


Prepare to move

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A Happy Crew
Today we (the four guys in the photo and me) moved the body to the chassis in preparation for the move to Stockton where the sub frame will be fitted. The body is temporarily being held on with two bolts. I also temporarily connected the steering wheel linkage to assist when we load the vehicle onto the trailer tomorrow. The car is being taken to Stockton where Greg and I will attach the sub frame. The body is necessary to insure a proper fit. I will probably leave it there for a few weeks while I get my shop ready for the next phase of construction. Look at that happy crew, Thanks guys I couldn’t have done it without you.


The Subframe

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For assemblySubframeSteel PlateOutsideHere is our design in the fabrication stage. I knew I wanted something stronger and lighter in weight then the original sub frame design which the plans that Jim sent me called for. I suggested using 2″ X 3″ square steel tubing. Greg decided to use two 1 1/2″ square steel tubes stitch welded together. Since Greg was a welder at Livermore Labs, I will let Greg explain the load factors…
Greg at Bugformance of Stockton


The Body

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Rollbar?top offToday I disassembled the Bradley Body and made some discoveries. The first being, the Bradley has no roll cage to speak of. It has what looks like a roll bar, but it is actually just a brace to bolt the top to. The second thing is that the car was originally copper metalflake in color.