Rear Disc Brake and Wheel Assembly (Avg Price of gas $4.52/gal)

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FrontRight rear suspension with disc brake assyLeft rear suspension with disc brakeSunlight at LastThe disc brakes were easy to install. In fact the most difficult part was deciding how to route the brake lines. I decided to use steel woven brake lines for the rear of the vehicle. these lines provide plenty of flexibility and are very sturdy. Everything I have done so far can be done by anyone who has the desire if they follow these simple rules.
In short; When doing any mechanical assembly,
1.) Always make sure you are using new, or like new parts. In the case of the powder coated parts, they are like new.
2.)If something is supposed to move, make sure it is properly lubricated. If it is supposed to be stationary, make sure it is properly fastened with the proper amount of torque.
3.) Never force anything. My father taught me this. Sometimes a little persuasion is necessary and it is OK to tap, but if you find yourself about to put something in, that you don’t believe you will be able to get out, it is time to re-think the application of your process.
The wheels and tires were put on next, and as you can see the chassis was rolled out into the sunlight for the first time since April, Hey! I wonder if those Jag wheels will fit on this chassis… (they did)

Rear Suspension

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Right rear spring plate (installed)Well much has happened since my last post. On Fathers Day my mom fell and broke her hip. She had to have total hip replacement surgery followed by 20 days of physical therapy. Needless to say this shifted my priorities and since she lives with me, this slowed down the progress of the car project. While she was in recovery and re-hab, I did manage to get some things done on the car. First I got rid of the “Gray menace” that had been sitting in my driveway, plauging me since I came up with “my great plan” to get parts off of it. Greg of Bugformance of Stockton delivered my new rear disc brakes and picked up the Gray Menace. I was able to send the rear a-arms and associated parts to Mark Threet of Crown Powder Coating and get the rear suspension media blasted, powder coated, and ready for assembly. The rear suspension asssembly went well. I bought a tool from Greg of Bugformance of Stockton which allowed me to compress the torsion bar to the proper torque. assembly was easy once figured I out a way to push in the torsion plate bracket covers.
Using long bolts, I pulled the bracket cover in until I could put the right length bolt in, to replace the long ones. Easy as pie.
Once this was done I assembled the a-arms and stub axles. I used urathane bushings to replace the old rubber ones. These were pressed in by hand. I then used my trusty vice to press in the steel bushing which, when assembled with the pivot bolt, will be the actual pivot point for the a-arms.