Brake Lines and Master

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Front Suspension CompleteRightLeft


Steerage Class (gas: $4.08/gal, electricity $0.10/Kw)

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Steering Linkage


More Parts

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Ordered new stainless steel clamps from Nancy and Greg at Bugformance. Vacation over, back to work.


Wheel Bearings and New Disc

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Front Disc BrakesDisc Brakes
Today I started out by unloading the equipment from the Jeep and straightening out my shop. Afterwards I Got the new front disc brakes ready for installation. This involved me Pressing in the races for the wheel bearings. I accomplished this by tapping the race using a small hammer with a fiberglass head. Then I grabbed the appropriate size socket and tapped it in the rest of way. Once the bearings were properly greased I installed the rotors to the front axles. I adjusted the rotors so there was zero play but they would still turn freely. The next task was to attach the calipers to the new knuckles. This was very simple and after I tightened the bolts down I decided to attach the sway bar. I got the front clamps on with zero problems (other then a little grinding) but I could not make the original clamps work for the aft most bushings. After trying many different variations of c clamps I just decided to called it a day.


My Vacation

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6/2/08-6/9/08 Plumbed Spa, assembled a band, rehearsed for my brothers wedding, loaded and set up all of the equipment, played at the wedding and reception, tore down and loaded all of the equipment (this time with help) into the jeep. Cooked for friends and family. Recovered from the reception. On the very last day of my eight days off I was able to work on the car.