Right On Time (gas: $3.60/gal, electricity: $0.10/Kw)

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Mark and his assistant came by today at precisely 0900 to pick up the pan. He says I should be getting it back by Thur 5/1/08. in the meantime I am going to straighten out the shop and do domestic things around here.


Back Street Choppers

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Marks ShopFriends of ProjectI Found my powder coater. Mark Threep, He does work for Back Street Choppers and he gave me a quote of $450-$500 for sandblasting (depending on how dirty the chassis is), powder coat, pick-up and delivery. I bought some aircraft stripper today to remove some of paint, tar and glue. He will be here tomorrow at 0900


Preping Chassis

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Sandblasted Detail 1SandblastedBeforeAfterI started preparing the Chassis for sand blasting and powder coating. I needed to strip it down completely. I figured this was would take me 4 days. Boy was I wrong. I started at 0730 and finished removing front and rear suspension, pedals, all grommets, all rubber tubing and all bearings by 1400. This chassis is a dream to work on.
I highly recommend the Bently Bug Book. It has been invaluable.


We Have Lift Off!

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gtebradley-019.jpgSteven, Manx and the Bradley
This morning I disconnected what I thought were the last two bolts holding the body to the car. These bolts were the ones, which hold the steering column to the steering box. Once they were separated, I attempted to lift the body! I pulled on the lifting chain attached to the chain hoist that is suspended from my ceiling. Growwwl went the pulley as the chain hoist began to lift the aft end of the body. The lifting hook was connected to a chain that was wrapped around the rear bumper brackets as per instructions in the Bradley GT II Blue Print manual. I carefully pulled on the lifting chain; growwwl went the pulley raising the rear of the body. Slowly I continued. Growwwl, up, 2in clearance, growwwl I could see air between the body and the chassis, I continued growwwl 4in clearance, 5in, slowly, growwwl, I was beginning to feel as if I was about to accomplish the goal I set out to do for this day, growwwl then, slightly out of the ordinary, I heard three dissonant notes in perfect disharmony all at once; It sounded something like this…growwwl, crunch! Whooah! I stopped.
The “whooah!” came from Steve who had run to the front of the car as soon as the crunching noise was precieved. To which Steve completed the symphony when he joined in with his resounding “whoooah!” chorus. I lowered the body back down and surveyed the car. Oops! There were still eight bolts, not mentioned in the book, connected to a bracket, also not mentioned, at least not in the book, that I read. I realized that I would have to remove the headlight assembly in order to reach the bolts that hold the body onto the front bracket. I thought this would be a good time to cut out the front battery hatch, I carefully measured and masked off where I was going to cut. I decided the best way to cut it would be to use my Dremel with a cutting attachment. It turned out very good (see photo) but I will need to reinforce the hatch cover as it is pretty flimsy. While I was in the front, I decided that this would be a good time to get rid of the gas tank, which I did.
Once all of the remaining bolts were removed, we attempted the lift again. This time there was no discernable noise coming from the car when the body was lifted off the chassis.
Steve’s help was invaluable to me and as you can see, he was pretty pleased with the out come as well. That is him holding Pit Boss. Well done Steve! Thank you


Great Day In The Morning

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I started my day dreaming I was flying, no aircraft, just me. It has been a long time since I have flown in my dreams.
I decided to move the gray beast out of the garage and move Evie into the garage with a chain hoist. One of the neighbor kids saw me struggling and came over and helped me push the cars into there respective positions. His name is Steven Dickenson, and he deserves recognition for helping me twist some bolts.
Evie’s odometer reads 00157. By the look of this chassis I believe it. It is a dream working on this vehicle. Not one rusty bolt on the entire chassis. Steve helped me with 3/4 of the body bolts before he had to go to dinner.
I finished removing all of the body bolts, front bumper, and the main connector to the steering column.
Tomorrow I will finish disconnecting the body from the chassis and hopefully remove the body from the chassis.
All bolts, parts, tubes, and wires are bagged and labeled



The Turning Point

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Parts Carfuture-trans-axel-assy.jpg
After spending the last two days trying to salvage parts off of a rusty has been car, I realized that if I was at my job, getting paid for the time I am taking to suffer through the painful, agony of twisting a bolt enough to break it causing my hand to forcfully slam into some very hard, rusty, sharp piece of metal, not once, but as many times as there are bolts, I would have been able to buy a brand new trans-axle. Since I was running out of patients, sanity and bandaids, I decided to give my $499.00 parts car to a friend. After all I did get a headlight assembly out of it.
So tday I have decided to buy a brand new, rebuilt, warrented, trans-axle assembly. I also got a Bently Bug Book, and all of the mounting gear necessary to make it work. Thanks to Greg and Nancy at Bugformance of Stockton, 1111 East Oak Street, Stockton CA 95205, Phone (209) 467-7777, I am getting expert advice on the VW. My friend Dave is going to haul away the old Bradley parts car and paint it for his kid to play on.
I am going to work with new or rebuilt parts from now on…at least that is the plan…


I Got The Book

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Today I recieved my Chiltons bug book. The Chassis I have are from a 1970 (parts) and a 1974 (Evie). I started to remove the ICE and discovered that I had ordered the wrong year book. Of course I needed the book to give me the information which told me it was the wrong year. After loosening/breaking off all of the bolts that looked like they were holding the engine, with the engine on the transmisson jack, and NOT being able to pull the engine even one mm from the trans-axle, I have decided to take the ICE and transmission out as one unit.
I can’t wait to get this piece of shit out of my shop!
On a brighter note, I received 26 very detailed photos of the sub-frame which Jim removed from his GTE.
His project is going well…mine is too…just slower.


My First VW Experience

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Today I started out by removing the drivers side seat and breaking off almost every bolt and nut combination holding it. I have the rear of the car under the chain hoist, and I have a “Bug Book on order from the good folks at NAPA (thank you Deepak).
I removed the drivers side headight assembly and placed it on my future EV…known from now on as Evie.
I removed the air cleaner and a whole bunch of brackets and stuff from the ICE and as soon as I get that book I will be able to tell you what they were.
If my estimate is correct, I will be dropping the ICE from the parts cart tomorrow.
Oh I almost forgot, I also removed the drivers side door and removed the skylight from it.
Now if only I had that book…


No Rest For The Weary

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For the last 11 days I have been researching, and cleaning my shop to prepare for building an EV. Today @ 1300 I have a conference with Jim, who is also building a Bradley GTE.
I have decided to use the subframe idea that the Bradley team came up with back when they were converting ICE to EV, for these two reasons:
1) The Batteries will be located outside of the cockpit
2) The moment of the CG will be below the Axle, This will provide good stability and solid handling.

The Plan For The Drive Line

1. Pull all usable parts off of old Bradley
2. Get rid of shell and frame
3. Pull body off of Orange Bradley/Set aside
4. Rebuild pan. disc brakes, beef up suspension, steering box, transaxel/CV’s
5. Draw plans for subframe and battery racks
6. Have subframe fabricated
7. Bolt subframe to rebuilt pan
8. Order AC 24 Kit from Electro-Automotive
9. Install kit
10 Order Batteries
11 Install Batteries
12 Hook up juice
13 Replace Body
14 Finish Car

Battery Research

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I organized my shop today in preperation for the disassembly stage of the project. I also did some research on batteries. My plan is to use 12 12Volt gel filled deep cycle batteries.
I recieved an answer to my email from Electro Automotive. Although I can use the 12 12 volt gel filled batteries, and accomplish my mission, I have decided to go with 18 8volt flooded golf cart batteries. Here is why Wh=Voltage of Pack X Ah of each battery. With the 8 volt flooded batteries I can get 105 Ah (1 hr rate) X144Volts = 15120 Watt Hours. Exceptional.
So Now I know I will be using an AC motor, Driver, and 18 8volt golf cart batteries for power, plus one 12 Volt battery for accessories. Perfect…now all I have to do is design where I am going to put the batteries.

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